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888 Poker Mac Software Review

888 Poker is one of the five biggest online poker rooms on the planet - a rank you certainly don't achieve by limiting the number of people who can play at your site. Part of the equation for attracting the broadest array of poker players is software compatibility - namely, how many different platforms does the 888 Poker software client support? In this article, we're going to detail 888 Poker's level of compatibility with one specific platform as we explore the options available for Mac poker players at 888.

888 Poker Macbook

888poker is a free online poker client for Mac OS. Wheel spinning, 888 Poker No Sound Macwhere the outcome all depends on where the pointer on the wheel stops. Deal or No Deal is another live casino game, based on the popular TV show with the.

Native Mac client for 888 Poker

Can you play 888 Poker using a Mac? It's possible, but you can't do it with a native client for the Mac - 888 Poker does not have a native, installable client for Mac available. This is not entirely unusual among major online poker sites - plenty of rooms on the iPoker Network, for instance, don't offer any sort of native, downloadable client developed specifically for the Mac operating system.

But that doesn't mean you're out of luck if you're a Mac user who wants to play at 888 Poker - read on for some alternatives that allow Mac players to access 888 Poker.

If you absolutely must have this feature at an online poker site, you might want to check out PokerStars, which offers a fully-featured software client for Mac users. You can read more about how to play poker on a Mac here.

Emulating Windows to Play 888 Poker on Mac

So 888 Poker doesn't provide players with a native Mac client - does that mean Mac poker players can't play at 888 Poker? Absolutely not. Zingo bingo with a zing. One way around the lack of a Mac client for 888 Poker is using a Windows emulator - a program that allows you to run a 'virtual' computer within your Mac that can run Windows programs like the PC version of 888 Poker's software. These programs are low-cost, very secure and - as a bonus - will allow you to run additional poker software that you normally wouldn't be able to access using your Mac.

If you're worried that the above sounds too complex for a typical Mac user, don't be. Getting an emulator setup on your Mac shouldn't take an hour, let alone a day. You'll be up and running before you know it, no advanced technical knowledge required.

Using the Instant Play version of 888 Poker

If you don't want to go through the effort of installing a Windows emulator on your Mac (although, to be fair, it's not really any more trouble than installing a typical program), you still have an option remaining that will allow you to play 888 Poker on your Mac.

888 Poker offers an instant play version of their software that runs entirely within a web browser. Based on Java, this version of the 888 Poker is cross-platform and can run on any operating system that supports a standard web browser such as Chrome or Internet Explorer. No download is required to play 888 Poker using this version of the software - you just point your browser to the webpage where the Instant Play version of 888 Poker is located and sign in to your 888 account.

Most people who own Macintosh computers usually feel left out when it comes to appealing software programs and internet technologies. The Mac has never been the dominant computer among consumers and for this reason, many poker sites and rooms did not bother to create a platform for these players. However, certain poker sites have created poker software designed to fit people with Mac computers and a good example of such a site is 888 poker.com.

This is the best poker site for Macintosh OS users. This website has a wide range of promotions and a large variety of internet poker games. It allows you to enjoy the thrill of playing 888 poker on mac. It embraces users of Macintosh computers by providing quality poker room software. 888 poker is an example of a highly rated online poker room. The graphics at the site are great and there is no lag or loading issues, which plague other poker rooms.

When playing at 888 poker, you can play games such as Omaha Hi, Omaha H/L, 7 Stud H/L and Texas Holdem poker. According to some online poker players, the Macintosh-based platforms run a little bit faster and load faster than their PC counterparts. When playing 888 poker on mac, you have the opportunity to enjoy unique promotions such as the $100, 000 first depositor challenge. You can make deposits through PayPal. You do not need to download the software in order to play but rather you play securely online.

888 poker is now rated as one of the top five poker rooms in the world. One reason for this high rating is the software, which is user friendly and easy to navigate. The table software is clear and easy for users to operate. The multi-tabling is also easy and has a queuing system. 888 poker’s customer service is also excellent since it has live chat operation. You do not have to wait long for an email response. 888 poker is the site to play at if you have a Mac.

888 Poker Mac Can't Download

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