Are 50 50 Raffles Legal In Virginia

LMN Printing Co, New York

LMN Printing Co., Inc. was established in 1971 by Luis and Mary Carro. Mr. and Mrs. Carro, both natives of Puerto Rico, wanted a better life for themselves and their four daughters. As Mr. Carro had experience as a pressman and foreman, he decided to open his own printing company in New York. In 1971, LMN Printing Co., Inc. opened for business with a used press purchased for $125. The company's name was derived from the initials of all the family members: 'L' for Luis, 'M' for Mary and 'N' for Nancy, Nanette, Noreen and Nora. LMN Printing Co., Inc. became a true family business.

United Parcel Service

Founded in 1907 as a messenger company in the United States, UPS has grown into a $36 billion corporation by clearly focusing on the goal of enabling commerce around the globe. Today UPS is a global company with one of the most recognized and admired brands in the world. We have become the world's largest package delivery company and a leading global provider of specialized transportation and logistics services. Every day, we manage the flow of goods, funds, and information in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

City of Edgewater, Florida

Welcome to, the official web site for the City of Edgewater, Florida. An intracoastal waterfront community nestled alongside the Indian River offers all the charm you would expect to find in small town Florida with something more. This is a place where one can enjoy all the comforts of home within a stone's throw of the best boating and fishing in the state, yet still engage in spirited business and commercial activity. This is Edgewater...exactly where you want to be!

Southeast Volusia Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber has continued to be the catalyst for community expansion and has supported many causes to enhance economic growth. Recently, the Chamber petitioned the County Council to reform County Impact Fees related to new business construction and has promoted referendums in area cities to grant ad valorem (property) tax exemptions to encourage investment in new and expanding businesses.
The Chamber's first official charter in 1932 stated its mission as 'promotion of civic, economic, and social welfare of the people of New Smyrna and vicinity..' Half a century later, the Chamber is proud to honor that promise.

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

It is the goal of the LIHCC to provide the Hispanic business community, who often have special entrepreneurial issues, with business support, programs, workshops and networking opportunities. While the LIHCC is a strong proponent of continuing education for our members, we feel it is crucial to provide scholarships and mentoring opportunities to Hispanic Youth of Long Island. Our goal will ultimately result in business owners ability to compete efficiently and effectively in the main stream business environment while arming the next Hispanic generation with the tools needed to succeed.

Printing Association of Florida

Currently,more than 600 graphic arts companies in the state of Florida consider the Printing Association of Florida their Ultimate Business Partner. Governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors elected by the membership, PAF is a not-for-profit association representing the interests of the graphic arts industry throughout the state. PAF is committed to improving the business environment and promoting the welfare of its members as well as the entire graphic arts industry in Florida. We offer benefits and services to members, and help connect graphic arts consumers with companies that can meet their needs.

Omar Shrine Center

The Shrine's official philanthropy is Shriners Hospitals for Children, a network of 22 hospitals that provide expert, no-cost orthopedic and burn care to children under 18. Omar is a member of the South Atlantic Shrine Association. We can be reached by calling 843-971-0131 or fax 843-971-0673 during normal business hours. The Recorder is Verle Bohrn and the Office Manager is Sharon Torlay.
Omar Shriners A.A.O.N.M.S 176 Patriots Point Street Mt. Pleasant, SC. 29464 ---- P.O. Box 21028 Charleston, SC. 29413 Tel:(843)971-0131 Toll Free: 1-877-437-7207 Fax:(843)971-0673

American Business Women's Association

The purpose of the ABWA is to bring together businesswomen of diverse occupations and to provide opportunities for them to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking support, and national recognition.

Workforce Florida

Workforce Florida, Inc. was created by Governor Jeb Bush and the Florida Legislature with the passage of the Workforce Innovation Act of 2000, Chapter 445, Florida Statutes. A 45-member board appointed by the Governor oversees and monitors the administration of the state’s workforce policy, programs and services carried out by the 24 business-led Regional Workforce Boards and the Agency for Workforce Innovation. Direct services are provided at nearly 100 One-Stop Centers with locations in every county in the state.

US Department of Commerce

American Jobs. American Values.
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Raffle Laws and Requirements


Raffle Laws and Requirements
The Department of Revenue to issues permits to qualified organizations, and municipalities.


Raffle Laws and Requirements
An organization that has qualified for an exemption from taxation of income under section 43-1201, paragraph 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 or 11 may conduct a raffle that is subject to restrictions. A state, county or local historical society designated by this state or a county, city or town to conduct a raffle may conduct the raffle subject to conditions.


Raffle Laws and Requirements


Raffle Laws and Requirements
Charities and certain other private nonprofit organizations may conduct raffles to raise funds for beneficial or charitable purposes in the state. Forms for registering and reporting activities are provided on this web page.


Raffle Laws and Requirements
'Qualified organization' means any bona fide chartered branch, lodge, or chapter of a national or state organization or any bona fide religious, charitable, labor, fraternal, educational, voluntary firefighters', or veterans' organization operating without profit to its members that has been in existence continuously for a period of five years immediately prior to the making of an application for a license under this article and that has had, during the entire five-year period, a dues-paying membership engaged in carrying out the objects of said corporation or organization, and the Colorado state fair authority.


Raffle Laws and Requirements
Raffles are allowed with licenses by educational or charitable, civic, service or social clubs, fraternal or fraternal benefit societies, veterans', church or religious organizations, volunteer fire departments or political parties or town committees.


Raffle Laws and Requirements
Apply for a Charitable Gambling and/or Raffle license.

District of Columbia

Raffle Laws and Requirements


Raffle Laws and Requirements


Raffle Laws and Requirements
Certain nonprofit organizations may give away certain noncash prizes to advance the purposes of such nonprofit organization. Contact your County Sheriff’s Office.


Raffle Laws and Requirements


Raffle Laws and Requirements
67-7710. RAFFLES -- DUCK RACES -- HOLIDAY CHRISTMAS TREE FUNDRAISERS. (1) It is lawful for any charitable organization to conduct raffles in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.


Raffle Laws and Requirements
'Raffle' means a form of lottery, as defined in Section 28‑2 (b) of the 'Criminal Code of 1961', conducted by an organization licensed under this Act, in which: (1) the player pays or agrees to pay something of value for a chance, represented and differentiated by a number or by a combination of numbers or by some other medium, one or more of which chances is to be designated the winning chance; (2) the winning chance is to be determined through a drawing or by some other method based on an element of chance by an act or set of acts on the part of persons conducting or connected with the lottery, except that the winning chance shall not be determined by the outcome of a publicly exhibited sporting contest. Contact your County Clerk's Office.


Raffle Laws and Requirements
The organization must be non-profit [45 IAC 18-1-7 (a)(1)] and either have been in active, continuous existence in Indiana for at least 5 years or be affiliated with an Indiana parent organization which has been operating in Indiana at least 5 years [45 IAC 18-1-7 (a)(2)]. Also, the organization must be exempt from taxation under either an Indiana or Federal statute [45 IAC 18-1-7 (a)(3)].


Raffle Laws and Requirements
Any individual or group conducting gambling activities in Iowa must obtain a gambling license from the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals, and have a permanent sales tax permit with the Iowa Department of Revenue.


Raffle Laws and Requirements
KRS 238.535 is amended to read as follows: (1) Any charitable organization conducting charitable gaming in the Commonwealth of Kentucky shall be licensed by the office. A charitable organization qualifying under subsection (8) of this section but not exceeding the limitations provided in this subsection shall be exempt from the licensure requirements when conducting the following charitable gaming activities: (a) Bingo in which the gross receipts do not exceed a total of twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) per year; (b) A raffle or raffles for which the gross receipts do not exceed twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) per year; and (c) A charity fundraising event or events that do not involve special limited charitable games and the gross gaming receipts for which do not exceed twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) per year. However, at no time shall a charitable organization's total limitations under this subsection exceed twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000).


Raffle Laws and Requirements
Charitable Gaming is defined as non-profit organizations raising funds through games of chance where all net proceeds are contributed to bona fide charitable causes.


Raffle Laws and Requirements
Organizations eligible. Notwithstanding other provisions of law, the Chief of the State Police may issue a license to operate a game of chance to an agricultural society eligible for a stipend under Title 7, chapter 4, or to a bona fide nonprofit charitable, educational, political, civic, recreational, fraternal, patriotic or religious organization, or to a volunteer fire department or to an auxiliary of any of these organizations, any of which must be founded, chartered or organized in this State for a period of not less than 2 consecutive years before applying for a license.


Raffle Laws and Requirements
A charitable organization may conduct a raffle of real property if it is for the exclusive benefit of the organization and the prize awarded is real property to which the charity holds title or to which the charity has the ability to transfer title. A charity can not conduct more than two (2) raffles in a calendar year.


Raffle Laws and Requirements
940 CMR 12.00 shall apply to any raffle conducted under M.G.L. c. 271, § 7A in which the value of the prize or prizes to be awarded exceeds $10,000 or in which the ticket price exceeds $10.00.


Raffle Laws and Requirements
Raffle is a game of chance where raffle tickets are sold, a winner(s) is determined by randomly drawing a ticket stub from a container, and a prize is awarded. Almost all raffles need to be licensed. If your organization is holding a 50-50 or a 'drawing for a door prize,' these are raffles and should be licensed.


Raffle Laws and Requirements
The rules and statutes listed link directly to the Minnesota Office of Revisor of Statutes and are the most current version available.


Raffle Laws and Requirements
The Mississippi Legislature legalized Charitable Gaming with the passage of the Charitable Bingo Law during its regular session in 1992. The law went into effect October 1, 1992.


Raffle Laws and Requirements
In 1998 Missouri voters adopted a constitutional amendment allowing raffles and sweepstakes to be sponsored by groups recognized under federal law as charitable or religious.


Raffle Laws and Requirements
Before conducting a raffle, refer to 23-5-413 of the Montana Code Annotated and 23-16-2602 of the Administrative Rules of Montana.


Raffle Laws and Requirements
More information at


Raffle Laws and Requirements
NRS 462.180

New Hampshire

Raffle Laws and Requirements
A charitable organization may conduct a raffle to promote the purpose for which it was organized, in the manner hereinafter provided, and not otherwise.

New Jersey

Raffle Laws and Requirements
The Commission oversees the operation of games conducted pursuant to the Bingo and Raffles Licensing Laws by approximately 12,000 charitable, educational, religious, patriotic, public-spirited organizations and senior citizen associations and clubs organizations currently registered to conduct legalized games of chance, such as bingo games and raffles, throughout the state.

New Mexico

Raffle Laws and Requirements
Properly qualified organizations may conduct certain games of chance in New Mexico for fundraising purposes on a limited basis.

New York

Raffle Laws and Requirements
Raffle tickets may be sold and drawings conducted on an authorized organization’s premises; during its licensed casino nights or carnival games of chance events; and during its licensed bingo occasions, in accordance with Section 5620.22(b)(5) of the Board’s Rules and Regulations.

North Carolina

Raffle Laws and Requirements
It is lawful for any nonprofit organization or association, recognized by the Department of Revenue as tax‑exempt pursuant to G.S. 105‑130.11(a), and for any government entity within the State, to conduct raffles in accordance with this section.

North Dakota

Raffle Laws and Requirements
Gaming Division regulates, enforces and administers charitable gaming in North Dakota.


Raffle Laws and Requirements
To amend sections 2915.02 and 2915.092 of the Revised Code to allow a charitable organization to conduct games of chance and raffles three times per year at certain food service facilities.

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Raffle Laws and Requirements
Raffles are legal for certain non-profit organizations.


Raffle Laws and Requirements
For charitable and fraternal organizations wishing to conduct raffles in Oregon.


Raffle Laws and Requirements
A raffle lottery game is a lottery game that is of limited duration, having preestablished and announced beginning, end sale, and drawing dates. A limited number of tickets or chances, each unique from all others, will be offered for the opportunity to win one of a number of predetermined and announced prizes.

Rhode Island

Raffle Laws and Requirements
Games of Chance must be conducted by a charitable organization. Only members of the organization can be involved in the control and management of the game. All proceeds, minus the expenses of the game, must be used for a charitable purpose.

South Carolina

Raffle Laws and Requirements
Legal Issues for Fundraisers: Games of Chance in South Carolina

South Dakota

Raffle Laws and Requirements


Raffle Laws and Requirements
Authorized types of games include raffles, reverse raffles, cakewalks, and cakewheels.


Raffle Laws and Requirements
The Charitable Raffle Enabling Act, effective January 1, 1990, permits 'qualified organizations' to hold up to two raffles per calendar year, with certain specified restrictions.


Raffle Laws and Requirements


Raffle Laws and Requirements
Non-Profit Organizations Can Hold Raffles and Lotteries. Vermont law generally prohibits gambling but allows nonprofit organizations, including municipalities to organize and execute games of chance for the purpose of raising funds for civic undertakings.


Raffle Laws and Requirements
The conduct of charitable gaming, like the lottery and wagering on horse racing, is an exception to the general rule of law in Virginia prohibiting gambling.


Raffle Laws and Requirements
Licensed and Unlicensed Raffles.

West Virginia

Raffle Laws and Requirements


Raffle Laws and Requirements
After paying a $25 license fee, qualified charitable groups may conduct up to 200 raffle drawings during a one year period.


Raffle Laws and Requirements

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Are 50 50 Raffles Legal In Virginia State

Are 50/50 Raffles Legal In Ny


Are 50/50 Raffles Legal In Virginia

Many people love to gamble, especially when it's for a good cause. For this reason, many nonprofits raise money by conducting gambling (also called gaming) activities such as bingo, lotteries, raffles, pull-tabs, punch boards, tip boards, pickle jars, 21, casino nights, and so forth. Tax-Exempt Organizations and Raffle Prizes - Reporting Requirements and Federal Income T ax Withholding Tax-Exempt and Government Entities Division This notice discusses federal t ax reporting and income t ax withholding requirement s that apply to raf fles conducted by organiza tions exempt under section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code.