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Betting on Fortnite World Cup! As usual, we at eSportbeting will show you where you can bet real money on the matches if you want to spice up the streaming experience. We’ve compiled the best list of eSports betting sites if you want to bet on the Fortnite World Cup! Fortnite World Cup Creative Trials will feature five events, each focused on a new Creative game. Fifteen participants will then be selected to face off in the ultimate Creative competition at the Fortnite World Cup Finals for a chance to win a piece of a $3,000,000 Creative prize pool.

Designed as a PUBG-inspired survivalist shooter, Fortnite has shifted into a battle royale-type of title, and went to become an esports game after Epic Gamers’ made a $100-million investment for last year’s World Cup. In the following lines, we will help you find out about the best Fortnite betting sites, but with a small wrinkle to it. Fortnite’s popularity as an eSports title is just about to explode. If the game’s financial results and the company-behind-the-works intend to commit millions to support the professional Fortnite scene every year, then you have arrived on time. We’re on the threshold of a time when Fortnite will be the flagship eSports title globally.

The battle royale has seen success as an esport, highlighted by the Fortnite World Cup which saw more than $30M in rewarded prizes and played an integral role in the recent push of gaming into mainstream culture. This article aims to provide an understanding of Fortnite and the limited ways to bet on the game. Different ways to bet on Fortnite. Fortnite Betting Fortnite has taken the gaming world by storm, breaking both concurrent player and streaming viewership records – and even attracting world-renowned celebrities. Unlike other Battle Royale titles, action can get underway in the first few seconds of the match starting, meaning it’s an enjoyable watch from start to finish. The 2019 Fortnite World Cup Finals are in late July with $30 million in prizes. We have betting odds and news for both the Solos and the Duos tournaments. One of the biggest esports events of the year is set to take place this weekend when the Fortnite World Cup Finals get underway on July 26.

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Bet On Fortnite World Cup Trophy

Best Fortnite Betting Sites of 2021

The esports betting scene is in a state of flux right now. Traditional bookmakers have been increasing their focus towards it, growing the available number of esports markets, sponsoring teams and events, as well as creating special offers and bonuses. Here’s the list of the best esports betting sites where you can bet on Fortnite in 2020:

  • GG.BET
  • Bet365
  • Betway Esports
  • Unibet
  • Pinnacle
  • Unikrn

General Guide on How to Bet on Fortnite

With the generalities, we want to introduce several game-focused pieces of advice. We have to start by saying that Fortnite is not an officially competitive title. But that’s rapidly changing GG.BET being the first popular bookmaker to introduce Fortnite betting – you can open an account and use our exclusive promo code to get 100% bonus up to $/€ 100.

The title is now moving from its status as the most grossing title on Twitch and the world of gaming into an eSports-centric game. A nascent competitive title, we all stand a great chance to fine-tune our betting game and hit the markets as soon as they open. Now, let’s focus on the in-game telltale signs that will help us make an informed decision.

Landing Spot – Location, Location, Location

In Fortnite, you are thrown into the competition by parachuting over the map. Now when it comes to adjusting your bets to particular players’playstyles, familiarity with their individual preferences is advisory. Apart from the mechanical firing off of projectiles hoping to clip the other bugger unawares or just best them in an open skirmish, there’s a heavily tactical element to Fortnite, building up small bunkers (often soaring towers) from where players exchange shots.

When players make their jump over towns, they will mostly target big supply hubs, such as small towns. Others tend to play more defensively and relying on fewer ammunitions at first whilst carefully advancing throughout the map and picking bits and bobs along the way.

How does a player’s location affect your betting? As the game shifts into a competitive gear, we will see an increased variance of the tactics players and teams employ. Rumour has it that Fortnite will transition to four-man squad competitive format, drawing from an example set by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. With this in mind, you will witness daredevil strategies known as cheese and more entrenched warfare. With this in mind, you’ll have enough opportunities to examine how the teams you support perform and decide on the possible outcome of an abrupt turn-about in their strategy.

Gathering Resources and the Building Schematics

Gathering resources is a stepping-stone to the success of your team. Good news is that teams that start on the fringes have as much chance of defeating overburden mid-mappers. The simple fact is that in the quick-paced as Fortnite is, no team can really snowball into an unstoppable tribal force that has amassed half of the map’s resource. Frags are a neat way to redistribute the goods of the people. Nevertheless, your team should attempt to gather sufficient resources so it can launch a decent assault, be prepared for a drawn-out clash, or successfully sound a retreat.

Trust the Good Builders

Inexperience Fortnite teams may be inclined to start setting-up their headquarters rather early. Alas, much carnage precedes the trench warfare. If your favourite (regardless whether we’re talking about a single person, a pair or a team) starts setting up structures too early with most of the field battle still raging, you can bet that they will get zoned out and resource-starved by the time the final crash comes. If you want to garner a much more-reliable insight about building, listen to what the pros themselves consider better building stratagems.

Know Your Bearings

Map awareness is crucial. Understanding how the game progresses will be based on what information you manage to scoop out every time you encounter a skirmish. Some teams may be sticking out in the woods, which makes staying on the fringes a rather more hazardous affair. When you try to determine whether a team is worthy of betting on, always try to see how they fare in the last minutes. Pinpointing their enemies‘ location, circumnavigation obstacles to stage an ambush are all valuable assets to your team’s chances of success.

Weaponization – Giving Up the Gun

We could generalise and say that personal skill trumps your team’s arsenal. However, this would be misleading. When it comes to competitive play, most players are all of the equal skill or at least aware of the rules that dictate all high-tier play. With this in mind, weaponization does matter. There are several weapons that still stand out in Fortnite and numerous patches have left unscathed. Recognised as the complete Fortnite staple, let’s check out the smoking barrels that give you more than generous bang for your buck.

  • M16 (Assault Rifle)

A great well-rounded piece of steel. It delivers the desired results in close and mid-range fights. Its accuracy is another selling point of the weapon. Hits from the rifle bite at a quarter of the enemy’s HP in body shots.

  • Pump/Tactical Shotguns

Close range weapons that bite mercilessly into the enemy’s HP. A team that knows how to use those will not necessarily be always winning, but some players find the slow fire rate irksome. On the flipside, there’s a lot of competitors who know how to settle matters in a single shot. These guns are much suited to their needs.

  • Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle

The sniper rifle is a much-needed addition to your team’s inventory. We have all seen players and whole teams getting picked off here and there from well-placed sniper shots. Of course, a sniper may lose some of its advantages as the time ploughs on and your team is constrained by the reduced field size.

  • Rocket Launcher

Cranking up the heat, rocket launchers bring a much fiery action to the table. If you have been around animated pixel-plays, you may remember rocket launchers from Quake, Half-Life, Halo, or Team Fortress. Even then, the primary use of the team you are rooting for would be to demolish enemy structures. Watch out, though, while it’s cool to bring edifices down, it may well cost them a chunk of their health to overextend rocket barrage.

  • The SCAR Assault Rifle

If M16 commands the respect of the majority of Fortnite players, the SCAR hardly leaves no spot unbruised. A powerful piece of weaponry with sterling damage and unfaltering accuracy, any team that has it towards the end stages will stand at a great advantage in terms of pure firepower.

What’s the value of inspecting your team’s inventory? Even though it’s a fairly new segment, Fortnite will have its in-play betting options before long. Focusing on the weaponization of the team will allow you to garner insight on how the odds may change as the game ticks towards a conclusion.

Betting on Fornite – The Available Markets

Fortnite is in its initial stages of development as an eSports title. With the Fortnite World Championship on the cards, though, we will see it transition from the glitzy-and-glamour celebrities pow-wows into a fully-fledged competitive game. As such, you will certainly be allowed to tap into all the available markets. You can most certainly rely on the commonplace bets, including your match winners and outright tournament winners. The in-play market will most likely see an uptick, and we’re looking forward the exotic wagers that may appear around the game.

Which bet to pick first? You ought to start tentatively. Try out the winners first. Wager on the most likely tournament leaders as well. Ninja, a streamer and a pro, has managed to make it to the finals in both the inaugural Las Vegas Esports Arena tournament and in the Pro-Am Fortnite celebrities showdown. Even though he was finally outgunned in the Las Vegas gig, Ninja still stood strong. Tapping Twitch streams for relevant information may actually help clue you up on what your best options are.

Following Twitch Streamers – The Pros & Cons

Twitch streams are engrossing. The platform has transformed players into entertainers and professional hosts who feel the pulse of their audience carefully and adjust their performance according to it. Of course, underneath the theatrics, there’s a lot of hard work going. There’s a reason why Starcraft streamers tend to keep quiet most throughout their streams, for example. Some players are just better focused when not talking.

Still, getting to know Ninja’s over-loquacious nature and stellar plays could be telling. A fair number of pros are now going on YouTube and Twitch to share practical tips. Many brands ask the teams they sign up to actually host fan sessions, which focus on establishing a better line of communication between fandom and their favourite roster.

And yet, there are drawbacks that you ought to consider. Overcomplacence with what you find out in streams may be unwise, though, as streamers do focus on providing the audience with a fair bit of entertainment-oriented content. Then again, you’ll be able to catch up on all events and make sure that you spot the quirks or signs of future success with rising stars.

Teams to Follow


Right now, competitive rosters are not as abundant as you might suspect, but the organisations that have been domineering the competitive scenes across many eSports titles are slowly adding to their teams across regions. C9, TeamSolo Mid, OpTic Gaming, FaZe Clan, are just a number of the high-tier heavyweights of the competitive world that you may be interested in. Ninja, and a host of talented, and often anonymous players, however, remain on the fringes, bidding their time. Whatever team they join may be a good bet.

Players Worth Your Bets

In honesty, you will do well to know the names of players that make and break teams and often undo whole squads of opponents. Here’s a list of the players we believe currently rank as some of the most significant Fortnite players. These chaps are not necessarily part of any competitions just yet.


Bet On Fortnite World Cup Champions

We’ve flaunted his name quite extensively throughout the article. Ninja is a player to support in any scenario. He’s indefatigable on the battlefield and has recorded sprees of 25 kills in a single life.


TheMyth’s genius is shown in his superb building strategies. He’s capable in outright shootouts too, but he doesn’t really want to contend as a competitive gamer just yet. Still, his participation in online scraps reveals him as an individual with a strong flair for outsmarting enemies of all shapes and forms.


Another more action-focused streamer. He talks less than Ninja and he seems more focused on his game. With a fondness of direct clashes, he outguns his opponents with well-placed shots and maintains a good upbeat attitude when he runs into a foe’s projectile.

A sneaky builder who’s structures often throws enemies off the scent. He’s a quick playmaker who doesn’t like to let opponents have a breather. With his aggressive and overjoyous attitude, he’s definitely one of the potential competitive stars to follow.
FaZe TFue

And just because it makes all the sense in the world to add an actual professional, FaZe Tfue doesn’t let the side down in the slightest. A competitive virtuoso with a process to explore the terrain, drop practical tips, and a keen eye for glitchy and buggy detail, FaZe Tfue is walking the competitive gangplank, but he doesn’t intend to drop out in clear water just yet.

Is It Safe to Bet on Fortnite?

Again, this vastly depends on the bookmaker you have trusted with your money. We have vetted the ones we hold to be true to their word and have built a fair bit of reputation for themselves. Of course, a handful of other bookies will sprout out of the fresh ground as well, but unless they have the constellation of criteria that deem them reliable, you ought not to hurry up and commit money. Don’t go off the beaten path just yet, as it is.

Fortnite Welcome Bonuses

Not all websites offer welcome bonuses for eSports. If you seek the root of that trend, it’s in fact quite plain. Esports punters tend to be smarter, better educated about the product they are betting on and somewhat more realistic about the chances of their teams winning. This stems from a trial-and-effort base whereby the majority of punters play the games actively and can spot firsthand how good certain players are and how difficult overcome certain obstacles is. This leads to a better insight into the game and overall – a better judgement. It also has the wrinkle of dispensing us with useful bonuses, but bookies do change and they do come up with the occasional promotion.

Bet On Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers

Staying on Top of Fortnite Betting Websites

Bet On Fortnite World Cup Leaderboard

Fortnite betting is a promising new market. As the game’s competitive popularity builds up, so will the opportunities for you to turn a neat little penny multiply. As one of the most popular gaming titles out there, it’ll definitely take some research to get a grasp of the playmakers. And even then, make sure to keep an eye for the underdogs. Fancy an eSports bet? Take it on Fortnite.