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Colorado allows for remote sports betting account creation for all its mobile sportsbooks, a particularly critical convenience under current conditions. Speaking of life in 2020, the restrictions and lack of sports Coloradans have been subjected to leading into Friday’s debut could certainly generate even more interest than would have already. MGM is a premier name in gambling and entertainment, and its sports betting app BetMGM is available to CO sports bettors. BetMGM currently operates in almost a dozen countries including Colorado.

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Are you a Colorado resident who wants to bet on the Denver Broncos, Denver Nuggets, or Colorado Avalanche? If so, you will need an online sports betting account.

Using a sports betting app, also known as an online sportsbook, is required to place bets. Residents of the Rocky Mountain State can bet on sports at brick-and-mortar casinos or on their mobile phones or computers.

This guide will break down the best Colorado sports betting sites by comparing the total number of sports and bets offered, odds, live betting features, mobile apps, educational resources, ease of use, as well as current bonuses and promotions.

Best Online Sports Betting Apps in Colorado 2021

  • DraftKings Sportsbook – Best Overall for Beginners
  • FanDuel – Best Mobile App
  • PointsBet – Best New Bet Type
  • FOX Bet – Good All-Around Offering
  • BetMGM – Good All-Around Offering
  • – Good All-Around Offering
  • BetRivers – Good Live Betting
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Best Overall for Beginners
DraftKings is the complete package for both new and experienced sports bettors and daily fantasy sports players. While the live betting, education, and mobile app are all great, I found the unique bets and pre-game statistics DraftKings offers to be the best in the state. Read full review

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Best Mobile App
Like its closest competitors, FanDuel is one of the most well-rounded sports betting options available. The high-quality live betting, bets offered, and the odds are worth emphasizing for both new and experienced bettors. FanDuel is also one of two sportsbooks available that offers daily fantasy sports. Read full review

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Best New Bet Type
PointsBet brings a new style of betting to the United States, and frankly, I'm a huge fan. PointsBetting is unique and fun enough to justify opening an account with PointsBet, regardless of whether you have other sports betting accounts. While some sportsbook functions, such as live betting, can be improved, PointsBet offers good odds and an excellent palate of bets to choose from. Read full review

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Best for Poker Players, Fans of Fox Sports
FOX Bet offers bettors an endless selection of bets and quirky promotions, paired with an easy to use mobile app and desktop platform. While the company has room to improve in terms of odds offered and education, I would recommend the sportsbook to poker players and fans of Fox Sports news shows. Read full review

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Good All-Around Offering
Make no mistake, despite being a casino-based brand BetMGM is all-in on sports betting. The BetMGM App provides users with a wide collection of sports and bets to wager on, in addition to a full suite of casino and poker games.Read full review

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Good All-Around Offering may be one of the newer apps on the block, but it handles nearly as well as some of the more seasoned sportsbooks. The generous new-customer promotion — one of the best we’ve ever seen — easy-to-navigate app, robust lineup of props bets, daily odds boosts and sports news make it a solid pick for bettors of all experience levels. Read full review

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Good Live Betting
BetRivers has the foundation of a great sports betting site. It’s one of the premier services for live betting, has a wide variety of sports (the most of any app), and offers industry-leading promotions. Mobile bettors, however, will find the slow and clunky app a frustrating user experience. Read full review

Other Colorado Sportsbooks

In addition to our top seven Colorado sports betting apps for 2021, we reviewed two others. Here's our high-level takeaways for each. To dive deeper, read our reviews.

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Good Odds
William Hill combines excellent odds and new customer bonus offers with an above-average mobile app. While I wish the sportsbook offered more education and ongoing promotions, there is a lot to like about William Hill. Read full review

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Best for theScore Media Fans
theScore Bet is best suited for die-hard theScore media fans, who will enjoy switching between the two apps to bet and track games in real-time. Unfortunately, theScore Bet is average and fails to incorporate enough features from the media app to leave a lasting impression. Read full review

Best Betting Odds in Colorado

To determine which Colorado sports betting sites offer the best odds, I recorded and analyzed data from hundreds of games for spread, moneyline, and total bets. The sportsbooks that provide the best odds for each sport are listed below.

Feature DraftKings SportsbookFanDuel SportsbookPointsBetFOX BetBetMGMSportsBetting.comBetRivers Sportsbook
NFL Moneyline Best Average Average Above Average Average N/A Below Average
NFL Spread Below Average Below Average Above Average Above Average Below Average N/A Below Average
NBA Moneyline Average Average Average Worst Average N/A Average
NBA Spread Below Average Good Above Average Below Average Average N/A Below Average
MLB Moneyline Worst Worst N/A Average
MLB Spread Average Above Average N/A Best
NHL Moneyline Best Average Above Average Above Average Average N/A Below Average
NHL Spread Average Good Above Average Below Average Worst N/A Below Average
Soccer Moneyline Average Average Worst Below Average Good N/A Best
NCAAF Moneyline Below Average Below Average Above Average Best Average N/A Best
NCAAF Spread Average Above Average N/A Below Average

Deposit Options

Here is a comparison of deposit options amongst top CO sports betting apps.

Feature DraftKings SportsbookFanDuel SportsbookPointsBetFOX BetBetMGMSportsBetting.comBetRivers Sportsbook
Minimum Deposit $5 $10 $5 $10 $10 $10 $10
Total Deposit Methods 8 8 4 7 8 2 8
No Debit/Credit Card Deposit Fees YesYesYesYesYesNoYes
Deposit Min/Max - Debit/Credit Card $5/$2,000 $10/Varies $5/Varies $10/Varies $0/Varies N/A $10/Varies
PayPal YesYesNoYesNoNoNo
Deposit Min/Max - PayPal $5/$2,000 $10/Varies $5/Varies $10/Varies $10/Varies N/A N/A

Withdrawal Options

Here is a comparison of withdrawal options amongst top CO sports betting apps.

Feature DraftKings SportsbookFanDuel SportsbookPointsBetFOX BetBetMGMSportsBetting.comBetRivers Sportsbook
Minimum Withdrawal $1 - $15 None Listed None Listed $10 $10 $10 $10
Total Withdrawal Methods 4 4 2 5 6 2 4
No Withdrawal Fees - Check YesYesYesYesYesNoYes
Check Payout Speed is < 10 days YesYesYesYesYesNoYes
Withdrawal Min/Max - Check $5/Varies None listed $5/Varies $10/$8,300 $0/Varies N/A $10/Varies
Withdrawal Min/Max - PayPal $5/Varies None listed $5/Varies $10/$8,300 $10/Varies N/A N/A

Colorado Sports Betting Timeline

Here is a short timeline of how Colorado sports betting became a reality:

  • 2019 - Governor Jared Polis signed House Bill 1327 on May 30th, 2019. House bill 1327 was written to allow Coloradans to bet on sports online with their phone or computer and at casinos in Blackhawk, Central City, and Cripple Creek. On November 5th, Residents of Colorado voted on whether or not to legalize sports betting. Only 1.5 million people voted, with 51.41% of votes going to legalize sports betting.
  • 2020 - Sports betting launched in Colorado on May 1st, despite most sports being postponed or canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As of October, there are 16 online sports betting sites available in Colorado. Colorado has the second-most online sports betting apps to choose from, trailing behind New Jersey (17).

Best Colorado Sportsbooks Summary

Below is a summary of the best online sportsbooks currently available in Colorado.

Feature DraftKings SportsbookFanDuel SportsbookPointsBetFOX BetBetMGMSportsBetting.comBetRivers Sportsbook
Overall 54.54.54444
Sports & Bets Offered 54.554.54.544.5
Odds 33.54.542.503
Live Betting 553.54444.5
Mobile Betting 54.54.54442.5
Education 444.523.53.54

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings delivers the ultimate package for sports bettors, including unique contests and bet types, industry-leading pre-game statistics, excellent education for beginners, Daily Fantasy contests, and private pools with friends. This outstanding all-round experience makes DraftKings our top overall sportsbook in 2020. Read full review

Minimum deposit: $5

Who choose DraftKings Sportsbook:

  • Great for beginners. DraftKings’ noteworthy educational materials include guidance on how to bet and different bet types, as well as sport-specific guides that cover common strategies for betting success.
  • Unique bets and contests. The variety of sports and bets offered —one of the largest selections of unique bet types and contests we’ve seen — and an excellent live betting experience makes DraftKings one heck of a sportsbook.
  • Bonuses: Promotions change throughout the year, but typical ones include risk-free bets up to $1,000 for new bettors, and deposit matches, among others. Keep in mind there are typically rollover requirements attached to each bonus.



FanDuel Sportsbook is a winner in 2021 for its easy-to-use website and mobile app, variety of prop bets, and its top-of-the-line live betting. FanDuel combines all of that with competitive odds and daily fantasy sports integration to deliver one excellent sportsbook. Read full review

Minimum deposit: $10

Why choose FanDuel Sportsbook:

  • Excellent mobile app. With its focus on usability, we found the FanDuel Sportsbook app to be one the best-designed apps overall.
  • Great for bettors. High-quality live betting, variety of bets offered, and noteworthy odds are all features new and experienced bettors will appreciate.
  • Bonuses: Promotions change throughout the year, but typically FanDuel offers a risk-free bet up to $1,000, and several other smaller seasonal offerings. Keep in mind there are typically rollover requirements attached to each bonus.



PointsBet brings a new style of betting to the United States, and frankly, I'm a huge fan. PointsBetting is unique and fun enough to justify opening an account with PointsBet, regardless of whether you have other sports betting accounts. While some sportsbook functions, such as live betting, can be improved, PointsBet offers good odds and an excellent palate of bets to choose from. Read full review

Minimum Deposit: $5

Why Choose PointsBet:

  • You’re interested in PointsBetting. PointsBetting takes a spread, total, or prop bet and makes it a variable bet until the end of the game. The idea is, the more correct a bettor is, the more they win, and vice versa.
    For example, let's say you bet $10 on the Dallas Cowboys (-3) against the Jacksonville Jaguars (+3). If Dallas wins 24-20, you covered the spread and won by one point. For this example, you multiply your $10 wager by one, for a total win of $10. If Dallas wins 26-20, you covered the spread and won by three points. For this example, you multiply your $10 wager by three, for a total win of $30. If Dallas loses 17-20, you lost the spread by six points (the three Jacksonville won by plus the three Dallas was favored). For this example, you multiply your $10 wager by six, for a total loss of $60.
  • Bonuses: Typically, PointsBet offers two risk-free bets up to $500 on the first fixed odds bet and PointsBetting Bet, as well as various seasonal promotions. Keep in mind there are typically rollover requirements attached to each bonus.


What Colorado Casinos Offer in Person Sports Betting?

Residents of Colorado can bet on sports in-person at the following locations. You can bet at any of these casinos regardless of what mobile app(s) you use and vice versa. This list was updated in July of 2020; I fully expect more casinos to roll out sports betting as the year progresses.

  • Isle Casino - Black Hawk
  • Lady Luck Casino - Black Hawk
  • Golden Mardi Gras - Black Hawk
  • Monarch Casino - Black Hawk
  • Saratoga Casino - Black Hawk
  • Century Casino - Central City
  • Brass Ass Casino - Central City
  • Bronco Billy’s - Central City
  • Colorado Grande - Cripple Creek
  • Johnny Nolon's - Cripple Creek
  • Wildwood Casino - Cripple Creek

How do I bet online in Colorado?

  1. 1. Create an account. Every online sportsbook has an online website as well as a mobile app. To create an account on the app or website, you will need your name, address, phone number, and email address. Some sportsbooks might ask for more information such as social security number; which is normal.
  2. 2. Fund the account. Deposit money into your newly created account. In Colorado, standard banking methods include credit/debit cards, PayPal, ACH (e-check), Bank Transfers, Play+ Cards, and PayNearMe.
  3. 3. Add your bet(s) to the betslip. To do this, click on the bet that you want to place.
  4. 4. Select the wager amount. Enter the amount of money you want to wager. The bet slip will display your total wager and potential payout. Keep in mind, the potential payout includes the money that you are wagering. For example, in the screenshot below, you are betting $10 to win $8.80. Thus, the potential payout is $18.80 (total wager $10 + potential winnings $8.80).
  5. 5. Finalize the bet. Place your bet and set an alarm for game time!

  6. Gallery

    What types of gambling are legal in Colorado?

    Colorado has a modest selection of online gaming products to choose from. Here are the forms of gambling legal in Colorado:

    • Online Sports Betting - Legal
    • Online Horse Betting - Legal
    • Daily Fantasy Sports - Legal
    • iGaming (online slots) - Not Legal
    • Online Poker - Not Legal
    • Online Lottery - Not Offered
    • Offshore Sportsbooks - Not Legal

    Popular Colorado Sports Teams

    Colorado has five professional sports teams in the Rocky Mountain State. Residents of Colorado can bet on all professional and collegiate sports, which include all of the following professional teams:

    • Denver Broncos (NFL) Team Website // Schedule // News
    • Denver Nuggets (NBA) Team Website // Schedule // News
    • Colorado Avalanche (NHL) Team Website // Schedule // News
    • Colorado Rapids (MLS) Team Website // Schedule // News
    • Colorado Rockies (MLB) Team Website // Schedule // News

    What sports leagues can I bet on in Colorado?

    Almost all domestic and international leagues are available to bet on with Colorado sportsbooks:

    • Football - NFL, NCAA, CFL
    • Basketball - NBA, NCAA, WNBA, International Leagues
    • Soccer - English Premier League, MLS, International Leagues
    • Baseball - MLB + International Leagues
    • Hockey - NHL + International Leagues
    • Golf - PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, International Leagues
    • Tennis - All Major U.S. Tournaments + International Matches
    • Other Sports - UFC/MMA, Motor Sports, Boxing, Cricket, etc.

    How to Read Odds

    Odds represent the likelihood of an outcome occurring. In sports betting, each team is assigned odds that represent the likelihood of them winning the game. American odds are what you will see displayed on every U.S. sportsbook and sports betting app.

    The first thing you will notice when reading odds will be that:

    • Odds have either a plus or minus in front of them.
    • Odds are in terms of 100.

    Betting Odds are written in terms of 100 as an industry standard. The easiest way to think of the plus and minus signs is as follows: If it is a plus, you will receive more than a $100 payout on a $100 bet. If it is a minus, you will have to bet more than $100 to win a $100 payout.

    Thankfully, you can view your potential winnings on each bet before placing it at an online sportsbook. That said, it is beneficial to understand the betting odds.

    Keep in mind for both spreads and totals, if the game ends in a draw for the bet, you get your stake back but do not win or lose any additional money.

    What is a Moneyline bet?

    A moneyline bet is a wager on which team will win the game outright. Both the favorite and the underdog are given odds to win the game. View sample bet slip.

    Moneyline OddsHow to Read itWhat it Means
    Lions +130Lions plus 130By betting $100 you will win $130 if the Lions win
    Packers -150Packers minus 150To win $100, you must wager $150 on the Packers to win

    What is a Spread bet?

    A spread bet is a wager on which team will cover the spread or point spread. Underdogs will be given additional points with the spread, while the favorite will have to win by a certain amount of points to cover the spread. View sample bet slip.

    Spread OddsHow to Read itWhat it Means
    Lakers + 5 (-110)Lakers plus 5 points at minus 110 oddsThe Lakers must win the game, or lose by less than 5 for you to win your bet
    Rockets -5 (-110)Rockets minus 5 points at minus 110 oddsThe Rockets must win the game by more than 5 points for you to win your bet. A tie is a push, meaning you don't win or lose.

    What is an Over/Under (Total) bet?

    An over/under bet focuses on how many points are scored, regardless of who wins the game. After a total point score has been set, bettors can wager whether the game's actual score will be over or under the preset point score. View sample bet slip.

    Total OddsHow to Read it
    Over 7 (-115)In order to win $100, you must bet $115 on the overall combined run score to be higher than 7
    Under 7 (-110)In order to win $100, you must wager $110 on the total combined run score to be less than 7

    More of a visual person? Here's a YouTube video covering moneyline, spread, and total bets.

    What is a Parlay bet?

    A parlay bet is a group of bets, typically spread, moneyline, or total bets, combined into one bet to increase the payout odds. Every separate bet must win to win a parlay bet. View example bet slip.

    What is a Future bet?

    A futures bet is a bet on an event that takes place in days, weeks, or months. The most common future bets are placed on what team will win the finals before the season starts. View example bet slip.

    What are Bonus Rollover Requirements?

    Rollover requirements are requirements bettors MUST fulfill before they can withdraw the bonus money. Each type of bonus has different terms and conditions, which you should examine before accepting.

    Rollover requirements for sports betting often range between 1X-10X, with some extreme requirements going all the way up to 15X. For example, let’s say you deposit $100 and receive a $50 bonus with a 5X rollover. Before you can withdraw the $50 in bonus funds, you have to wager $750 (($100 + $50)x5). Clearly, the $50 bonus is a lot harder to obtain if you don’t bet frequently.

    This table gives you an idea of how much you will have to wager before withdrawing your bonus at multiple rollover rates. We will assume each deposit made is $100.

    Bonus Percentage ($100 Deposit)Bonus AmountBonus Withdrawal with 1X RolloverBonus Withdrawal with 3X RolloverBonus Withdrawal with 5X Rollover Bonus Withdrawal with 10X Rollover
    25% Deposit Match$25(100+25)x1 = $125(100+25)x3 = $375(100+25)x5 = $625 (100+25)x10 = $1,250
    50% Deposit Match$50(100+50)x1 = $150(100+50)x3 = $450(100+50)x5 = $750(100+50)x10 = $1,500
    100% Deposit Match$100(100+100)x1 = $200(100+100)x3 = $600(100+100)x5 = $1,000(100+100)x10 = $2,000

    Is Sports Betting Legal in CO (Colorado)?

    Sports betting is legal in Colorado at retail locations and online. On November 5th, 2019, residents of Colorado voted to legalize sports betting.

    How old do you have to be to bet on sports in Colorado?

    Anybody who is 21 years or older can bet on sports in Colorado. As long as you are 21 and within state lines, you do not have to be a resident of Colorado to bet on sports.

    If you live in Colorado and travel to a state that does not have legal betting, you will not be able to bet. Your phone or laptop uses geo-technology to make sure you are within state lines. The only people prohibited from betting on sports include athletes, coaches, refs, and other related personnel.

    Do you have to pay taxes on sports betting in CO?

    According to the IRS, “Gambling winnings are fully taxable, and you must report the income on your tax return.” Form W-2G is used to report gambling winnings and gambling losses, which may be deduced if adequately itemized.

    For online gambling winnings, residents must send in Form W-2G when certain winning thresholds are reached. For example, if a player wins more than $600 or at least 300 times the wager amount, the form must be filled out.

    Is it legal to bet on horse racing in Colorado?

    It is legal to bet on horse racing in Colorado. Residents can bet with legal online providers such as TVG, BetAmerica, and TwinSpires. You can not bet on horses from Colorado sportsbooks, except for BetAmerica, which offers different websites for its sports betting and horse racing products. BetAmerica does not currently offer sports betting to residents of Colorado.

    Does Colorado offer an online lottery?

    No, Colorado does not currently offer any online lottery games or tickets.

    Is DraftKings sportsbook legal in Colorado?

    DraftKings is a safe and legal sports betting option for residents of Colorado. DraftKings obtained its license from Golden Gulch Casino.

    Is FanDuel sportsbook legal in Colorado?

    FanDuel is a safe and legal sports betting option for residents of Colorado. FanDuel obtained its license from Golden Gates Casino.

    Is Bovada legal in Colorado?

    Bovada, BetOnline, and MyBookie are considered offshore sportsbooks and are illegal. These sportsbooks are not approved by the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission, which regulates all legal Colorado sportsbooks.


    For’s annual best online sportsbooks review, we collected more than 36,000 data points over five months from 20 sportsbooks that serve 11 states where full-scale mobile betting is legalized. Hundreds of hours were spent testing and scoring each sportsbook (mobile and online/desktop) in seven core categories: sports and bets offered, odds, live betting, mobile betting, education, ease of use, and bonuses and promotions. The results determined each sportsbook’s overall rating.

    Data from more than 1,700 bets (including moneyline, spread and total bets) was used to generate each sportsbook’s comparative odds ranking. Leagues and bet types collected include NCAA football moneyline bets, NCAA basketball moneyline bets, NFL moneyline, spread and total bets, NBA spread, moneyline and total bets, NHL moneyline, puckline and total bets, and soccer 3-way result (moneyline) bets. When collecting odds, we made sure to collect the same games at the same time for each sportsbook, ensuring data accuracy.

    About’s chief sportsbook researcher, Joey Shadeck: I’ve been a hobby sports bettor for more than six years, placing hundreds of bets on my favorite sports (football, basketball, MMA) and teams (Packers, Spartans, and whoever is playing the Lions). Beyond sports betting, I’m known for saying “Wanna bet on it?” in almost any situation and that is how I found out I can eat 42 chicken nuggets in less than 20 minutes.

    As of February 2021, 22 different states have legalized sports betting to some capacity. Of those 22 states, the following 11 have legalized full-scale mobile betting: Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada (must register in-person), New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia.

    Learn more about how we test.

Colorado sports betting is a thriving ecosystem with new entrants emerging all the time. There are 16 live online sportsbooks in Colorado at the time of this writing, and over a dozen more sportsbook licenses up for grabs. The Colorado Limited Gaming Commission still has plenty of room to grow Colorado’s sportsbook industry, which got an impressive start out of the gate in its first months in business.

Most of Colorado’s sportsbooks are either standalone companies or the result of casino partnerships. DraftKings, FanDuel, and William Hill are companies whose core businesses are sportsbooks. However, Colorado’s homegrown casinos want in on the red-hot sports betting industry, too. Many have either partnered with sportsbook companies or developed their own. BetMonarch is one such sportsbook app that’s wholly owned and developed by Monarch Casino. Another is Sky Ute SportsBook, the first tribal-run sportsbook to launch in the state.

Online sports betting has taken off like a rocket in Colorado. That may be because it’s the safest betting option in the social distancing age. However, Colorado’s online sportsbooks are competitive choices for bettors’ funds. Here’s everything bettors need to know about them.

**Some of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This does not influence our evaluations. Our opinions are our own. All bonus and promotions have Terms & Conditions that apply. 21+ for legal online gambling sites. If you think you have a gambling problem, please call 1-800-522-4700.

The Best Colorado Sports Betting Sites & Bonus Offers

  • William Hill >> Claim $500 Free Bet With $250 Deposit
  • BetRivers >> Claim 100% Deposit Match Bonus Up To $250
  • FanDuel Sportsbook >> Claim A $1000 Risk-Free Bet
  • PointsBet >> Claim $2000 In Two Risk-Free Bets With Bonus Code BIGBONUS
  • DraftKings Sportsbook >> Claim 20% Deposit Match Bonus Up To $1000

Colorado Online Sports Betting Sites For February 2021

Pro sports got off to a late start this year due to the pandemic, and Colorado has mostly reopened since the March stay-at-home orders were rescinded. But even the lack of professional sports and the pandemic couldn’t deter Colorado from opening its first legal sportsbooks on May 1, or the bettors from flocking the newly launched sites and apps.

The launch of online sports betting in Colorado took some navigating, as officials grappled with the fallout from coronavirus. At the time of launch, there were few sports to bet on, but the market has done very well in the first months, even with bettors at first confined to wagering mostly on golf or table tennis. Here are the online sportsbooks who’ve secured partnerships in Colorado so far.

In addition to our top recommendations above, these are all of the sports betting apps in Colorado that are licensed, regulated in Colorado, and available for download:

The Best Colorado Online Sportsbooks (Ranked By Our Editors)

Best For New Bettors

$500 Free On $250 Deposit

Available On: Web, iOS, Android

Best For New Bettors

William Hill Colorado


An international sports betting brand, William Hill is taking its top-notch reputation to the US sports betting industry. Currently available in almost a dozen states, they offer all domestic and international sports odds. William Hill offers a $500 free bet to new bettors who deposit $250 or more.

William Hill Colorado

Bonus: 100% up to $500 on deposit

Retail Partner: Eldorado Resorts (Caesars Entertainment)

UK-headquartered William Hill is one of the biggest and most widely available sportsbooks in the US. Partnered locally with Eldorado Resorts (now Caesars Entertainment), William Hill kiosks have been available in Black Hawk since July, but the app didn’t launch until Sept. 8. New sign-ups can get up to a $500 risk-free bet with our exclusive link.

Best Mobile App

20% Deposit Bonus Up To $1000

Available On: Web, iOS, Android

Best Mobile App

DraftKings Colorado


DraftKings is one of the top US sports betting brands after making its name in the Daily Fantasy Sports industry. They offer one of the best mobile apps, with a easy-to-use interface. The interface makes it easy for new bettors to find sports, odds, and to place a bet. They offer a deposit bonus up to $1,000.

DraftKings Sportsbook Colorado

Bonus: 20% up to $1000 on deposit

Retail Partner: Mardi Gras Casino

DraftKings Sportsbook is one of the top US brands in sports betting, and it’s open for business for sports bettors in Colorado. Its variety of sports and lines are almost unmatched, and it offers some unique betting opportunities like teasers and parlays. It also has frequent bonuses and promotions.

Best Deposit Bonus

100% Deposit Bonus Up To $250

Available On: Web, iOS, Android

Best Deposit Bonus

BetRivers Colorado


BetRivers makes it easy to start betting in Colorado. New bettors can claim a 100% deposit match bonus up to $250 with only a 1x playthrough. This makes BetRivers Colorado the perfect choice for more casual bettors. For more experienced bettors, check out the BetRivers jackpot parlay bet.

BetRivers Colorado

Bonus: 100% up to $250 on deposit

Retail Partner: J.P. McGills

BetRivers is owned by Rush Street Interactive, which makes iGaming platforms in addition to its sportsbook offering. One of BetRivers’ differentiators is its extensive rewards system, which start at the basic level but top off at the “luxury” rewards for higher-tier wagers.

Best Betting Experience

$1000 Risk Free Bet Offer

Available On: Web, iOS, Android

Best Betting Experience

FanDuel Colorado


Much like DraftKings, FanDue Sportsbook made its name on Daily Fantasy Sports but now offers online sports betting across the US. The FanDuel Colorado app is one of the strongest in the state, with all major sports and some minor events as well. The interface is easy to understand the sportsbooks offers competitive odds.

FanDuel Sportsbook Colorado

Colorado Sports Betting App

Bonus: $1000 Risk-Free Bet

Retail Partner: Golden Gates Casino

Once known only for fantasy sports, FanDuel Sportsbook is all grown up, serving CO sports bettors 24 hours a day. FanDuel Sportsbooks has lines on MLB, NFL, NHL, and NBA, along with all kinds of other sports and events, both niche and mainstream. It has bets on the spread, the moneyline, halves and quarters of select games, and the over/under, and offers highly competitive odds in the CO sports betting landscape.

Best For Experienced Bettors

$2,000 In Two Risk Free Bets

Available On: Web, iOS, Android

Best For Experienced Bettors

Colorado approves sports betting

PointsBet Colorado

Colorado Sports Betting Apps


Australian sports betting brand, PointsBet, is one of the newest sportsbooks to launch in Colorado. Offering competitive lines on US and international sports, PointsBet offers a high-risk, high-reward options for experienced bettors in their PointsBetting system.

Sports Betting Apps Colorado

PointsBet Colorado

Retail Partner: Double Eagle Casino

Australian-owned PointsBet is a mobile gaming partner of Double Eagle Casino in Cripple Creek. PointsBet was one of the first sports wagering companies to announce its intentions to operate in Colorado and was awarded an online license on March 19. They finally launched their online sportsbook app in November 2020.

PointsBet offers a unique winnings boost if your team wins big, called PointsBetting, offering multipliers for winning wagers based on the number of points a team wins a game. PointsBet also has a partnership with Koenke Sports & Entertainment to be the exclusive gaming partner of the Avalanche, Nuggets, Colorado Mammoth, and the Pepsi Center itself.

All Colorado Sports Betting Sites

Bonus: $150 deposit bonus

Retail Partner: Carousel Group (Johnny Nolon’s, Cripple Creek) gives new players up to $150 dollar deposit bonus. New users who deposit $10+ will get 100% bet credit up to $150 dollars using our exclusive link right here.


Bonus: $600 Risk Free Bet Bonus

Retail Partner: Midnight Rose

MGM is a premier name in gambling and entertainment, and its sports betting app BetMGM is available to CO sports bettors. BetMGM currently operates in almost a dozen countries including Colorado.


Retail Partner: Monarch Casino

Monarch Casino in Black Hawk launched BetMonarch in May 2020, the first fully in-house sportsbook in the state developed by a casino. It offers the sports and leagues you’d expect lines on, but it also has an advantage many other sportsbooks don’t: BetMonarch rewards points players accumulate through their play can earn free hotel stays, meals, and more.


Retail Partner: Eldorado Resorts (Caesars Entertainment)

Fox Bet’s local gaming partner is the Lady Luck Casino in Black Hawk, owned by Eldorado Resorts, which recently acquired gaming giant Caesars Entertainment, as well as the Isle Casino. Fox Bet has some solid bonus offers, including a $1,000 sign-up bonus ($500 risk-free bet + 100% match bonus of up to $500). In addition to the standard slate of sports to bet on, Fox Bet offers a wide range of betting boost, which are riskier, but could be lucrative wagers for lucky bettors.

SBK Sportsbook

Retail Partner: Christmas Casino*

SBK Sportsbook by Smarkets has a different approach to setting odds from most sportsbooks. Rather than making its money tilting the odds in its favor, SBK charges a 2% commission on bettors’ net winnings. The odds are then created as a consensus is slowly reached among where bettors are putting their money. SBK is a bit light on welcome bonuses, but it does offer a refund of the first $20 in lost bets over multiple bets.

Sky Ute SportsBook

Retail Partner: Sky Ute Casino

The launch of Sky Ute SportsBook made a bit of history for Colorado sports betting as the first tribal-owned casino in the state to launch its own sportsbook. Being on tribal lands, Sky Ute isn’t beholden to Colorado state laws governing odds, so they say their lines are some of the best in the state. Bettors can fund an account and start betting with just $25.

Circa Sports

Retail Partner: Century Casinos

Circa Sports, a Las Vegas-based sports wagering operator, was the first partnership agreement struck by Century Casinos, which operates two eponymous casinos in Colorado, one in Black Hawk, the other in Cripple Creek. Circa Sports is partnered with the Cripple Creek location, so that’s where eventual Circa-branded kiosks and windows will most likely be located. Circa offers multiple deposit and withdraw options, and has some of the best odds on favorite to win bets of any CO sportsbook.


Retail Partner: Wildwood Casino

Cripple Creek’s first retail sportsbook, Woody’s at Wildwood, was also the first self-launched app by a casino in Colorado’s southern gambling resort town. BetWildwood offers sports bettors moneyline and spread bets on a variety of sports, and has live in-game betting for many. There are numerous deposit/withdrawal options, and it offers new members a $50 free bet.

ELITE Sportsbook

Retail Partner: Red Dolly Casino

ELITE Sportsbook was the 11th sportsbook to launch in Colorado. Bettors can start placing wagers on its website or through the app right now. ELITE Sportsbook offers bettors a variety of prop bets and parlays, and promotions will be available, including a sign-up bonus worth up to $1,000 in free bets. The company says it will be the only sportsbook in the state to offer a progressive parlay.

theScore Bet

Retail Partner: Jacobs Entertainment

theScore bet is a popular sports betting platform that launched in Colorado in September through its partnership with Jacobs Entertainment, which owns and operates the Lodge Casino and Gilpin Casino, both in Black Hawk. theScore debuted in New Jersey in 2019, the first ever sportsbook launched by a North American Media company, Score Media.


Retail Partner: Saratoga Casino

Betfred, a major player in the United Kingdom sports betting market, expanded into the US in 2020, with the first Betfred USA sportsbook opening at Iowa’s Grand Falls Casino. The brand’s second US location is Colorado. Saratoga Casino has partnered with Betfred USA for its sports betting platform. Betfred operates more than 1,500 locations in the UK. Betfred’s sportsbook was the very first retail window to open in Colorado, giving it a first-mover advantage.

Not-Yet-Launched Sportsbooks

Barstool Sports (Penn National Gaming)

Retail Partner: Ameristar Casino

Penn National, which operates the Ameristar Casino Black Hawk, has brought its Barstool Sports sportsbook brand to Colorado and soon will open branded retail sportsbook windows at Ameristar, the largest casino in the state. Ameristar soft-launched a self-branded sportsbook this summer, so bettors can place bets in person for now until the Barstool Sports app launches.

Twin River Worldwide Holdings

Two of the biggest names in mobile sports betting will come to Colorado via Twin River Worldwide Holdings, which has been awarded three master licenses from the CLGCC.

Twin River (operating as Premier Entertainment Black Hawk in Colorado), has announced partnerships with both FanDuel Sportsbook and DraftKings Sportsbook, the two companies leading the market so far in open mobile sports betting markets in the US.

Three Colorado land-based casinos (Golden Gates, Golden Gulch, and Mardi Gras) were purchased by Twin River in January, with the intent of using those properties in partnership with FanDuel and DraftKings to bring sports betting to Colorado.

Online Sports Betting Partnerships

Colorado Online SportsbookDeposit BonusLaunch DateVisit Site
William Hill$500 Risk-Free BetSeptember 8Visit
DraftKings Sportsbook20% up to $1000May 1Visit Draftkings Sportsbook
BetRivers100% up to $250May 1Visit BetRivers$1,000 Risk-Free WeekSeptember 13Visit
FanDuel Sportsbook$1,000 Risk-Free BetMay 1Visit
BetMGM$600 Risk Free BetMay 1Visit BetMGM Sportsbook
PointsBet2 Risk-Free Bets; One $500 fixed-odds bet, One $1,500 risk-free bet for PointsBettingNovember 18Visit PointsBet
BetMonarch-May 9
FoxBet$500 Risk-Free Bet; $10 Bonus Bet for Broncos bettingMay 19
SBK Sportsbook$20 Risk-Free BetJune 4
Sky Ute Sportsbook-June 9
Circa Sports-July 1
BetWildwood-July 10
Elite Sportsbook50% up to $500, $500 Risk-Free BetAugust 14
theScore Bet$100 Free Bet, Up to $1k Cash Back bets in 60 daysSeptember 2
BetFred Sports$500 Risk-Free BetSeptember 8

Guide To Betting Online In Colorado

Although Colorado’s sportsbooks are each uniquely branded, there are similarities between each sportsbook. Here are a few things bettors can expect no matter where they wager.

Common Sportsbook Bonuses

When bettors create sportsbook accounts, they’re often offered welcome bonuses. These bonuses incentivize bettors to place wagers and continue placing bets long after the first one is settled. The most common bonuses in Colorado are deposit bonuses and risk-free bets.

Deposit bonuses usually require bettors to deposit funds into their accounts. (There are also deposit bonuses that award site credits upon signup, but they’re usually tiny–less than $50.) Most deposit bonuses will match bettor deposits at a certain rate. For example, Fox Bet has a 50% deposit rate. That means for every $2 bettors deposit, Fox Bet will give a bettor $1 in site credits. That allows bettors to deposit at their own pace and place larger bets with less risk.

However, these deposit bonuses usually max out at $250 to $500. Sportsbooks can’t award site credits indefinitely.

Many sportsbooks also offer risk-free bets. They’re bets that get refunded if bettors lose a bet. FanDuel offers a risk-free bet of up to $500. If a bettor’s first wager is $500 and it loses, then that bettor will get $500 back in site credits. However, the risk-free bet is only good for the first bet. So, a $50 that loses would only get $50 of site credits back. Risk-free bets are popular choices for sportsbooks to offer, but they don’t allow bettors to wager at their own paces like deposit bonuses.

Colorado Teams That Can And Can’t Be Bet On

There are many different sports to bet on, but Coloradans have their favorite teams. The Broncos will have lines available during the NFL season. They’ll have moneylines and point spreads ripe for enthusiastic betting. There are plenty of prop bets and futures that’ll be available on the Broncos, too.

A Colorado list of teams wouldn’t be complete without the other three main sports, though. The Colorado Rockies, Colorado Avalanche, and the Denver Nuggets are huge draws for sports fans across the state. All of them are fair game for sports betting, too.

College teams are fair game for certain types of bets, too. The Colorado Buffaloes are one of Colorado’s most popular teams, whether it’s CU’s football or basketball teams. Bettors will have the standard moneylines, spreads, and futures available as the professional teams offer.

However, Colorado sportsbooks won’t offer prop bets on college games. Colorado’s Division of Gaming prohibits prop bets on college games. It likely arises from a compromise with the NCAA, which is adamantly opposed to sports betting. Bettors shouldn’t be surprised when they don’t find sports betting on college teams.

What Is The Status Of Esports In Colorado?

Colorado not only allows esports betting. It also counts esports among its authorized sports catalog. The Division of Gaming’s rules stipulate that the Division will regulate sports and bets. That way, no one can make up a sport or bet that cons bettors out of their money. Sports matches must have clear, consistent rules to ensure bettors can understand how their wager will play out throughout the game. Bets must have similarly clear rules. Otherwise, sports betting wouldn’t be fair to bettors.

Sportsbooks Coming Soon To Colorado

There are two sportsbooks that are in other states but could come to Colorado next. The first one is Golden Nugget. It’s available in New Jersey, but it doesn’t have a partnership in Colorado yet. The second is Parx. It has an online casino and sportsbook in Pennsylvania, another prominent sports betting state.

However, the full list is anyone’s guess. There will likely be more than two dozen online sportsbooks in Colorado by the time everyone arrives.

Legal Vs Illegal Sports Betting In Colorado

Colorado Approves Sports Betting

Sports betting used to be an illegal activity in all but four states. Sports bettors’ only options were illegal sportsbooks and bookies. If there was a bookie or website that bettors created relationships with, it could be hard for some of them to leave. However, legal sports betting sites are superior to illegal sites.

Legal sportsbooks are required to have a cash reserve so it can pay their winning bets out. Think about what happens if an underdog with long odds comes through. A futures bet with +5,000 odds will drain a sportsbook’s cash reserve quickly. Licensed sportsbooks have a formula set by the Colorado Division of Gaming to determine how much cash to have on hand.

In contrast, local bookies may not have that kind of cash on hand. They could be collecting bets informally at the bar with a makeshift business. In that case, there’s nothing stopping them from pocketing bettor money. Even if they’re reliable, they may get stretched too thin and be unable to pay out winnings. If that happens, bettors have no legal recourse because betting with a bookie is illegal in Colorado. They’re stuck without their winnings.

The worst-case scenario is a bookie that works for a crime syndicate. Your bookie may be cool, but his employers may come after bettors who bet on credit and don’t repay their debts. Bettors in good standing may also fund human and drug trafficking unknowingly. Licensed sportsbooks’ transparency ensures bettors don’t fall into these traps.

How Do I Know Online Sportsbooks Are Fair?

Online sportsbooks aren’t all shady offshore websites. However, new bettors may struggle to tell the difference between the two. Here’s how bettors can know they’re betting at a legitimate company.

Who Regulates Legal Online Sportsbooks?

The Colorado Division of Gaming regulates all the sportsbooks in Colorado. It’s a government agency that awards licenses, establishes rules, and enforces industry guidelines. The Division of Gaming also has resources for sports betting operators and customers alike, creating a transparent environment for all industry players.

Before sportsbooks are licensed, the Division of Gaming thoroughly examines each applicant. That includes financial statements, background checks, and a complete record of lawsuits the applicant was involved in. And if a sportsbook doesn’t pay out winnings, the Division of Gaming is a bettor’s next stop. It has processes in place to keep sports betting safe and fair across the board.

Why Should I Trust Online Sportsbooks?

Tennessee Sports Betting App

Before they go live, online sportsbooks submit to a security audit. It ensures the sportsbook can protect sensitive bettor information. The sportsbook hires an independent auditor who submits her findings to the Division of Gaming. If the auditor finds areas of improvement, she’ll list them in the report as well.

The Division won’t award a license to a sportsbook that can’t protect its bettors’ information. Since bettors submit their banking information during registration, sportsbooks need top-notch security in place. Bettors can rest assured that by the time they place a wager, their sportsbook of choice is prepared to protect their data.

How Do I Get Paid If I Win?

Sportsbooks make transferring money in and out of the sportsbook account easy. They know no one wants to bet at a sportsbook that makes handling money a hassle. If bettors win, they’ll have cash moved into their sportsbook account. From there, it’s usually as easy as hitting ‘withdraw’ and moving money to their bank or PayPal account. There are other options too, but no one’s using 7-Eleven’s cash withdrawal option during a pandemic.

In short, bettors can get paid from the app. They just have to win, which is win. Best of luck to all the aspiring bettors out there!

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Online Sports Betting FAQs

Online sports betting is new to Colorado, so bettors may have a few clouds of doubt about the industry. Here are some common questions we can clear up at the end.

Can I sign up at a Colorado sports betting site or app without visiting in-person?

Yes, you can register online and start betting anywhere in Colorado. You only need to be physically within the Colorado border to place wagers.

What Kinds Of Sports Bets Are Legal In Colorado?

Moneylines, spreads, prop bets, and futures are legal on professional teams. However, Colorado bettors cannot place prop bets on college games. All bets are prohibited on high school games. (No one seriously thought DraftKings would have lines on their daughter’s softball game, did they?)

Yes. Because the Buffs are a PAC-12 team, college sports is a big draw in Colorado. And that’s before factoring in all their popular opponents. Everything besides prop bets is fair game on college sports.

Yes. Several sportsbooks have esports sections in their apps. If the pandemic shuts down major sports again, bettors may end up relying on the esports section to get their betting fixes. Counter Strike, anyone?

What Is The Tax Rate For Online Sports Betting In Colorado?

10%. The taxes largely go to water conservation projects in Colorado. Since Colorado shares water with seven other states, it’s a lot more than an environmentalist cause. It’s a precious resource that’s being funded by a portion of every bet.

Who Can Get A License To Run An Online Sportsbook In Colorado?

Licensed Casinos and established sportsbook companies. Unless aspiring entrepreneurs have all the pieces of their business in place, they can’t complete the license. It wouldn’t be impossible for someone to start a sportsbook in Colorado. However, it would require a massive cash infusion upfront. The sports betting market is largely inaccessible to companies without a track record.

Yes. It was also one of the first sportsbooks to do so.