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Red Tiger Gaming’s Lucky Valentine casino slot release did well on the market in Canada and across the globe; this prompted the release of a sequel in the Lucky series dubbed Lucky Easter. Like the first Luck release, Lucky Easter is based on a popular Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Christ. However, Red Tiger Gaming chooses to focus on the secular element of the holiday, which revolves around a hare that lays eggs. Either way, Easter is depicted as a symbol of new life and comes with the giving of presents in some regions just like Christmas.

Play Elven Magic Slot for Free. Try the online casino game totally free, No download, No Registration and No Deposit needed. Elven Magic Slot Feature. Elven Magic is a typical looking modern slot, with it featuring a 5×3 grid layout in which a total of 20 paylines to win from. Elven Magic offers an expansive betting range which spans from 20p per spin to £500 per spin, providing a large variance.

RTG keeps up the practice of gifting playersFree online casino games real money no deposit usa. in the name of Easter, but one does not have to wait around for the holiday to go on a hunt for colourful painted eggs. Like the Lucky Valentine slot, Lucky Easter was released on the respective holiday it depicts, which was on the sixth of April, 2017.

Lucky Easter play for real money is conducted on a standard five by three grid that is made semi-sheer to give a partial view of the green field behind. The red and gold banner holding the slot title at the top of the screen adds an interesting touch to the game, but the most eye-catching features are the symbols placed on the reels that burst with different colour shades. A simple, catchy tune plays in the backdrop each time the reels are spinning and when a bonus is landed.

Elven Magic Slot

Egg Hunt

Before any wins can be accrued, punters should first understand what is required of them so that credits can be granted. Prior to gameplay, one should choose whether to play for free or real money. Several factors influence the choice of gameplay mode, the major ones being the experience level with slots and willingness to spend some cash. Regardless of the choice made, the procedure of play remains the same.

The control panel placed at the bottom of the screen is generic with most other Red Tiger Gaming slots, which means no new skills in stake placement have to be learned. With wager allowances between 0.2 and 100 pounds, Lucky Easter can be labeled a slot game for a wide range of players. The adjustment of the total stake is the only requirement before spinning the reels since the twenty bet lines of the game are fixed in place. The signature manual spin, turbo, and autoplay options of Red Tiger Gaming are all laid out for gamblers.

The spinning of the reels reveals colourful icons with some related to the theme of the game while others are non-specific and are a common occurrence even in other slots. These symbols include:

  • Poker face cards – A, K, Q, J, and 10
  • A bitten carrot
  • Cupcake
  • Carrot cake
  • Carrot wreath
  • Basket of eggs
  • Hatching chick.

The hatching chick can appear in two modes; one that is encased in a red ribbon and one that is not. Both items act as wilds and can be used in completing the winning combos of others. The one encased in a red ribbon, however, is triggered at random by the Easter Bunny and has expanding features.


Game Offerings

Lucky Easter casino slot online players can keep their hopes high on collecting payouts since the slot carries a medium to high variance RTP rate of 95.5%. The credit wins for all basic symbols range between two and two hundred credits, the wreath being the most valuable. The wild, however, offers the highest win of four hundred credits. Bonus rounds are also thrown into the mix when playing Lucky Easter slot machine online and include:

  • Basket Multiplier
  • Wild Chicks
  • Mega Wild Chick
  • Easter Reels
  • Free Spins, etc.

In any of these bonuses, the game’s jackpot amounts to 400 000 credits.

Final Comments

Lucky Easter is a popular inclusion in numerous Red Tiger Gaming casinos online. The game is developed with mobile access that allows no download play and exploration of all the elements touched on in both free and real money modes.

Elven Magic is a 5 reel, 20 payline slot game with a 95.55% RTP. This UK Online Slot comes with Respin and Wild feature.

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Elven Magic UK Online Slot

Elven Magic slot game is based upon the legendary race of immortal beings called Elves and their abode the Enchanted Forest. The game revolves around elven magic and its wonders. With pretty long haired elves roaming around the enchanted forest this game is full of elven magic which is signified by the symbols and theme.

In this travel of the enchanted forest, the player gets to experience the powers and magic of the Elves which can be very rewarding. It has 5 reels and 20 playlines. With an RTP of 95.55%. You can now visit the enchanted forest free of any cost at Moneyreels.com the largest casino hosting site. The most attractive part of this slot game is the Beautiful Elf symbols and the pretty Elf Queen in the starting logo screen which mesmerizes the player with her beauty. Can you win the trust of the elves to get access to huge rewards and bonuses? Play this slot game right now to find out

Elven Magic Developer - Red Tiger

Deep from the forests of Middle Earth, and inspired by the JRR Tolkien’s world of elves, orcs and wizards comes this magical and fun slot game Elven Magic based in the lush green enchanted forest. It is another masterpiece of Red Tiger Gaming. Just like other slot titles in fantasy themes Red Tiger has come up with this beautiful theme based game.

There are several other fabulous pieces by Red Tiger similar to Elven Magic. If you loved this fantasy based slot game then you will also like to play Esqueleto Mariachi slot, Lucky Halloween, Wild Wild Chest slot game, Lion Dance, Magic Gate

Play Elven Magic Mobile Slot

The gameplay is set in a forest with gentle tunes playing in the background with lush green ground visible beneath the slot box. The slot box is covered by a beautiful Elvish frame made of pure wood from Rivendell. The slot reels are separated by thin lines. The gentle tunes in the background keep the user focused on the reels and increase the indulgence of the user. If you are lucky enough then the Elvish Queen will make your wild dreams come true in the form of winning money and rewards. The slot cards are given beautiful colours which adds to the fun of the slot game. The borders between reels is divided by a thin yellow line. The Elf Queen has magical powers and if you are able to please her then be ready to receive many rewards and bonuses.

The cards are of different values as per the paytables and offer different rewards.

The card Deck slots form the lower symbols of this game

1. Clover Symbol, 6,12,30 for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

2. Spade Symbol, 6,12,30for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

3. Heart Symbol, 6,12,30for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

4. Diamond Symbol, 6,12,30for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

The upper symbols in this game are represented by

1. A She Elf Symbol, 80,160,300 for 3x, 4x and 5x combinations respectively

2. An Arrow Quiver Symbol, 50,100,200 for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

3. An Elven Ring Symbol, 12,30,60 for 3x, 4x and 5x combinations respectively

Elven Magic Slot Games

4. An Elven Gem Symbol, 30,60,120 for 3x, 4x and 5x combinations respectively

There are some special symbols for this game.

1. An Arrow target post (Scatter)

2. An Elven Golden Shield (Wild)

Elven Magic Slot Features

The Elven Golden Shield depicts the wild card. It replaces all the cards on the slot game to get winning combinations except the scattering ones i.e. arrow target post. If you manage to get the elven golden shield in winning combinations of 3,4 or 5 then you can manage to get rewards up to 120,240,1000 credits respectively

The screen interaction is entirely easy and simple to learn with a basic menu to put down your wagers, change the settings, set the sound, and see the paytables. The screen is very beautifully decorated to depict the artwork of the forest elves which is considered the best among the common folks of Middle Earth

The background music of this game is well suited to the lush green theme of the Enchanted Forest. You can fairly well feel the mystery and suspense in the music that plays in the background while you place your bets in the game. You feel as if the Elvish Queen herself is watching you very carefully as you click the Spin button the fast-paced moving reels coupled with the Elvish tuned background music is surely going to give you the goosebumps of your life.

You can always turn on the Auto mode on if you want to do other tasks and if you cannot take the suspense anymore. You can also switch to something else to ease your tensions and turn this auto mode on. If you want to try your luck manually then you can always turn back the manual mode.

Elven Magic Slot Game Bonus Features

All those who visit the Enchanted forest are rewarded with several bonus features.

Archery Bonus: Archery bonus is triggered when any of the three scatter symbols is shown the slot box anywhere on the screen. This further takes the player to choose from three different quivers. After that, the player has to shoot onto a target with the provided arrows. Shoot very carefully because those arrows hold a lot of luck in them and you can earn multiplier values up to 500x.

Elven Magic Slot Review

Elven Features: Her highness the Elf Queen will appear when she wills and will award the traveller with many rewards such as

Arrow of Fire: symbols that will be shot will be burnt and replaced with new ones

Arrow of Wind: symbols are replaced with new ones by the wind and form winning combinations with the new symbols

Arrow of Ice: all the high values symbols are frozen in place and a respin is awarded to the player for a better chance at winning

Elven Magic Slots

Arrow of Nature: random wilds are added to the reels on random positions