How To Find Loose Slots

Casino gamblers can’t seem to get enough of the fantastic slot machines that are released every year. Unfortunately, making regular trips to Las Vegas can get pretty expensive rather quickly.

Yes, you can find examples of truly loose slot machine games. YouTube provides you with the proof you need, but the videos you want to watch are made by technicians. I’ll share a couple below. What may have confused some players, and I know it first confused me, is a video like this one from 2006. This video explains how to change the odds on. 1) Look for slot machines near the ends of aisles – casinos put “loose” slot machines there so that people will see lots of winners and want to play the slots. REALITY: casinos got wise to this years ago, so don’t expect to find the machines there anymore. Over the years, players have developed a number of theories about finding loose slot machines. Casinos place loose machines near the entrances, for example, so passersby can see players winning and are enticed to enter the casino and try their luck.

Luckily, there are plenty of fabulous casinos around the United States where you can hit the slots without forking over hundreds of dollars for a plane ticket.

Here’s where you can find the loosest real money slots without flying to Las Vegas.

WinStar World Casino (Oklahoma)

To begin with, the WinStar World Casino is the largest casino in the world. The massive property in Thackerville, OK, has an amazing 400,000 square feet of casino floor. The casino is a tremendous hit with Texas gamblers, and they make the 70-minute drive from the Dallas area regularly.

As you might expect from the world’s largest casino, WinStar boasts the largest selection of electronic games on the planet. Over 8,500 games light up the massive casino floor. From penny slots to the luxurious High Roller Room, players have a wealth of options at WinStar.

The variety doesn’t end with denominations either. WinStar has a vast catalog of slot machines and is constantly moving machines or swapping them out for the newest game.

If you always have to try out the latest and greatest slot machines to hit the scene, WinStar has you covered. Check out the casino’s “Hot New Games: area, and you’ll save hours of your time wandering the expansive casino looking for something new.

Although, you won’t likely have to go far before you find something you’ve never seen at WinStar World Casino. The casino’s Southern Oklahoma location puts the casino within driving distance of millions from Texas to Kansas. Even gamblers from Arkansas get in on the action.

I’ve seen license plates from as far away as Canada and played five hours of blackjack with a couple from Australia. WinStar is truly a world casino.

Horseshoe Bossier City (Louisiana)

The Horseshoe Casino in Bossier City, LA, is a slot player’s dream, especially if you’re trying to skip the trip to Las Vegas.

Horseshoe Casino has over 1,500 one-arm bandits. Nearly 400 of these games are multi-denominational. That means you can sit down at a host of games and play for the denomination you prefer.

You can start out playing for pennies and play yourself into big money at $1 per spin. Of course, I’ve seen plenty of players start spinning for dollars, only to be reconciled to the penny plays a few hours later.

The Horseshoe is also home to the exclusive and trendy Binionaire slots. These progressive slots start the huge prizes at $25,000 for the quarter machines, $50,000 for 2 quarters, and $100,000 for $1.

These machines are the most popular in the casino, and depending on traffic, these may be a tough seat to grab.

Horseshoe Bossier City was the first Horseshoe casino built outside Las Vegas. The casino draws huge crowds from Louisiana and Texas, and other states along the gulf coast.

Beau Rivage (Mississippi)

Beau Rivage Casino in Biloxi, MS, is a relative newcomer to the game. The casino was built in 1999 and earned the distinction of being the tallest building in the entire state.

You probably don’t care as much about Mississippi’s architectural history as you do slot machines, though. Beau Rivage Casino most likely agrees with you.

Beau Rivage or “Beautiful Shore” was originally slated for development in Las Vegas before the developers settled on Mississippi. The casino’s catchy name definitely makes more sense at its current home than in the Nevada desert.

The giant structure overlooking the Gulf of Mexico provides 1,900 slot machines for you to enjoy.

From penny machines to $100 slots, Beau Rivage has something for everyone. The casino has over 500 progressive slot machines for players to shoot their shot at a life-changing payday.

You’ll find all of the hot games at Beau Rivage. Wonka World, Buffalo Stampede, Monopoly: Luxury Diamonds, and Game of Thrones are all well represented in various denominations. You’ll never look far for some variety at Beau Rivage. A healthy mix of classic reel machines and the latest video slots are inter-mingled.

Allowing players to transition from one game to another effortlessly. Making the shift even easier is the implementation of EZ-Pay. This 100% coinless system makes cashing out as simple as pressing a button. The ultra-posh High Limit Lounge at Beau Rivage caters to the high rollers, and not a single detail is skipped.

Players are welcome to enjoy fine wines and premium cocktails while they play. Once they head out of the lounge, a private cashier waits to add that personal touch.

Seven Feathers (Oregon)

Seven Feathers Casino in Canyonville, OR, is probably the first casino on the list that you haven’t at least heard of before. However, for casino gamblers in the Pacific Northwest, the casino offers an amazing selection of slots with decent RTP.

Slot enthusiasts can enjoy Vegas-style excitement and gameplay at Seven Feathers. The casino has over 900 electronic casino games in a variety of denominations.

Seven Feathers puts a focus on having the latest and hottest machines available. Every week, the casino rolls out new slot machines and rolls out the ones that swung and missed with gamblers.

Sit down in the Titans of Cash Bonus Room and take a chance at the rapid bonus games. You could just as easily pick from oddly fulfilling games like Better Off Ed.

The casino pulls in players from Washington, Idaho, and even California with little interest in booking a Las Vegas flight.

Casino del Sol (Arizona)

Casino del Sol is a fantastic Tribal casino in sunny Tucson, AZ. Boasting over 1,300 slot machines, Casino del Sol offers one of the Southwest’s finest gaming experiences.

You can enjoy titles from all of the major developers at the casino. Plus, if the reels aren’t falling in your favor, I have good news. The loyalty program at Casino del Sol has multipliers on certain days of the week that can double or triple your rewards.

The Tuscon area has multiple casinos for residents and visitors to choose from, and competition is fierce. Casino del Sol has taken the bold step of offering the loosest slots in the area, and it’s paying off in spades.

Casino del Sol is an excellent casino for gamblers in Arizona that prefer to skip Las Vegas and go for a lowkey casino trip.

Harrah’s Hoosier (Indiana)

Harrah’s Hoosier Park Racing and Casino are slightly northwest of Indianapolis. This casino and racetrack is a slot lover’s best friend.

Harrah’s is synonymous with casino entertainment, and their Middle America iteration doesn’t fail to impress. Featuring over 2,000 games on the giant single-level casino floor, Harrah’s Hoosier has more slot machines than any casino in the state.

Bankrolls large and small can find the perfect game at Harrah’s. The casino also provides a smoke-free gaming area for those that don’t want to smell like an ashtray for the remainder of the day.

Some players are bummed out when they discover that Indiana’s gaming laws prevent the casino from offering complimentary alcoholic beverages. So, if you prefer to have a drink while you play, budget accordingly.

Four Winds Casino (Michigan)

Four Winds Casino sits near the shore of Lake Michigan in New Buffalo, MI. The casino is centrally located on prime real estate for guests from the suburban Chicago area.

Almost 3,000 slot machines are packed into the casino. Crowds can get pretty heavy during the weekend or holidays. Still, with so many machines, you’ll usually find an open machine.


Whether you want to play for $100 per pay line or are more comfortable with penny pulls, Four Winds offers something to fit your budget or practicality.

Big slots jackpots are the name of the game at Four Winds Casino. Reel Adventures offers a multi-game progressive jackpot that starts at $200,000. The impressive jackpot includes popular titles like James Bond, Johnny Cash, Monopoly, Lord of the Rings, and Willy Wonks.

The jackpot fun doesn’t end there. Timber Wolf Grand has a jackpot that starts at a salty $250 grand. Also, Buffalo Grand and 5 Dragons Grand combine for a mouth-watering jackpot that starts at $500,000.

You can even watch the jackpots climb in real-time by going to the casino’s website. Some of the jackpots are approaching $2 million.

It may be time to pack the car and head to Michigan.


Look, Las Vegas is the undisputed heavyweight when it comes to casino gambling. However, variety is the spice of life.

Why not skip the airports and check out what America has to offer? Now, you know where you can find the loosest slots without flying to Las Vegas.

Forget the myths that abound in casinos

by Frank Legato

Millions and millions of words have been written over the years of the modern history of slot machines on how to find the “loose slots” on the floor. It was this magazine, in fact, that actually led to the notion of “loose slots,” when it first published its payback charts in the late 1980s.

But can you actually walk into a casino and know where the loosest games are?

The answer: You can make an educated guess, but not as effectively as you once could. Let me explain.

In the old days, there were outward characteristics of a casino floor to which one could pay attention in a quest to choose a loose slot from among the thousands on the floor. These visible signs had much to do with how slot floors were designed.

Merchandising of slots on he casino floor is much like the merchandising of consumer products in department stores. Slot managers want the most visually exciting games in the most visible locations. These days, they have a wealth of visual stimulation from which to choose—slots offer eye candy ranging form giant fortune wheels to arcade-style bonus games to remarkable displays of video animation.

However, 25 years ago, a “visually exciting” game meant one thing: people were winning. The slot games, by and large, all looked the same. What made them exciting was the image of someone winning, with bells and buzzers going off and coins clanging in hoppers.

Therefore, in the old days, you could expect the loosest slots to be in your field of vision when you entered the casino. You could expect them to be on the ends of aisles, or visible from show lines. You could expect tighter games to be located in areas conducive to “impulse” play—near coin-redemption booths to catch the odd coins; near the room elevators to offer that last chance at getting even.

Other than these assumptions related to merchandising, one could expect looser slots deep in the casino, in the less-accessible banks; and tighter ones to be easier to get to.

These assumptions are no longer reliable, because of several developments.

First, the development of microprocessor technology has provided many more ways to visually attract players—slots no longer all look the same, and all have attention-grabbing elements that do not necessarily relate to whether or not someone is winning.

Second, the very fact that scores of articles were written advising players that the loose slots were on the end of the aisle—or by the show aisle, or near the front, etc.—led them to become widely accepted theories among the playing public on where to find loose slots. Slot officials laying out their floors wanted to avoid the obvious and predictable—why place loose games where players expect them to be? If players expected the loose games to be on the end, they may now be second from the end.

Finally and most importantly, players became more knowledgeable. Thanks in no small part to magazines such as this, players began to track actual payback percentage numbers. Casino marketing departments, in response, started to use “loose slots” as a positioning tool—something to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Casinos plugging their loose slots added loose video poker—a game on which the player can simply view the pay table and know the theoretical return.

With players viewing actual payback numbers regularly, and with no need to use the visual stimulus of people winning as a way to merchandise the slot floor, payback percentage became, for casinos, a matter of policy. Reem bingo.

This is evidenced by the charts—you will see consistent policy in any given denomination for casinos within any given market. Every slot game is offered by manufacturers in six or seven different payback percentage configurations. Instead of purchasing banks of slot games with differing percentages, slot managers today will almost always purchase all the units of a given game with the same percentage program within any one denomination.

If the casino’s policy is to return 92 percent on quarters, every game in the quarter denomination will have a theoretical percentage close to 92 percent. The games on the end will return around 92 percent, as will the games in the middle, by the show aisle and near the coin redemption booth (tickets have made “impulse play” a rarity in any event). This means the old method of choosing games according to where they are in the casino is, by and large, obsolete with respect to finding the loose games.

So what’s a loose-slot-hunter to do? How do you find the loose games on today’s casino floor?

The answer is by knowing the games that are likely to return the highest, based on several factors.

First, pick a casino or, in the case of Nevada, a region, in which the slots have proven themselves—through actual, reported numbers as in our payout charts—to offer players the highest return. If you’re in Nevada, for instance, head for the locals casinos instead of the Strip. If you’re in Atlantic City, head for Borgata, Hilton or Sands. In Illinois, go to Casino Queen.

If you have chosen a casino known to offer players a fair shake, you can pretty much assure yourself a loose slot game by choosing the right game style. The types of games may have proliferated, but one common denominator to loose slots has remained the same: The higher the denomination, the higher the payback.

Casino slot departments across the industry still follow this time-honored tradition of awarding the player a better return for higher wagers.

You also will find a higher overall return, in general, in the more traditional game styles. Therefore, in a local Las Vegas casino, if you play a traditional reel-spinner in the dollar denomination, you can be virtually certain the return is 96 percent or higher. If you move up to the $5 denomination, you’re flirting with 98 percent or higher.

If you’re a quarter player and go for the traditional reel-spinners, you’re looking at a 94 or 95 percent payback in local Las Vegas.

Don’t believe the old methods of finding loose slots; they were once valid, but no more. And don’t believe a popular myth that never was true—the notion that you can simply ask someone working for the casinos where the “hot machines” or “loose machines” are.

First of all, a slot attendant or other floor person is not going to be privy to the actual payback programs purchased for the machine; only the slot director or other executive who actually purchased the machines knows that.

Secondly, a machine’s past performance is no indication of how it will perform in the future. A machine can be churning out jackpots for five days straight; it doesn’t mean it will keep churning out jackpots.

The best gauge these days of a loose slot game is the policy of the casino, as proven by actual returns to actual players. The second is the game style.

In the end, if you want loose slots, play in the casinos that have already proven they offer loose slots.


Bottom Line: Play What You Like
While it is true that these days, unless you play video poker, it is difficult to know with certainty where the loosest slots are, you can know which casinos are the most generous, and thus have the best chance of finding loose slots.

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But the bottom line to enjoying your casino experience is not finding the games with the best payback percentages—it is to find the games you most enjoy playing.

A “loose slot” does not guarantee you will win. You can find the loosest game on the floor and still lose all your money in short order. You can play the tightest game on the floor and go home rich.

This is because, as we have said many times, payback percentage is a long-term number. The payback percentage represents not what you, personally, will receive in jackpots as a percentage of your wagers this evening, or even this week. It is a number representing the percentage of every wager placed on that machine through its entire life—several years worth of spins—that will be returned to everyone who has played that machine. Normally, a slot game will reach its theoretical payback percentage over play during a given week, but not a given night. On a given night, anything can happen.

That also means on a given night, anyone can win on a game that has a low payback percentage. People would not play penny games if no one was winning—and penny games have the lowest payback percentage on the slot floor. Someone is winning on these games, and a whole lot of people are playing them.

How To Find Loose Slots In Vegas

A whole lot of people play the lowest-returning games for one reason: They are fun to play. The reason you should pick one game over another is that you like to play it. Decide what type of game you like to play, and then seek out the highest possible returns in that particular game genre.

How To Find Loose Slots In A Casino

Fun is the key. Payback is gravy.