How To Play Bingo Extra Scratch Card

Yes, online bingo is safe as long as you play at a bingo site which is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. All of the games, as well as the site itself, have to comply with their rigorous standards to ensure fairness and the site is also required to promote responsible gambling. Discover the best places to play scratch cards online and find the biggest bonuses. Reviews of the latest scratch off cards and free play instant win games.

Bingo is an excellent form of lottery-style entertainment based on pure luck. Nowadays it comes in many forms and shapes. It first appeared as a type of lottery game played in Italy and France during the Renaissance and in the 18th century it was played under the name of “Le Lotto.” In the 20th century it appeared in the UK and it was played by the solders of the World War I under the name of Housey-Housey. When it first appeared in the US, the game was called Beano because beans were used to mark off numbers of the bingo card.


Nowadays bingo is very popular and fun game to play and it is not exclusively played in land based bingo halls. The game has made its way to the Internet and it is also part of mobile gaming. Playing bingo online is a bit different compared to land based bingo, but it surely has its advantages. If you want to play online bingo, continue reading to familiarize with the process and the types of games you can play at online bingo sites.

How to Play Online Bingo?


How To Play Bingo Scratch Card

To be able to play bingo online, first you should sign up a new player account with a reputable and safe online bingo room. Check the reputation, license and security measures of the bingo site and when you get a green light, continue with the registration process.

In order to verify their identity during the registration process, some bingo sites require players to record credit card details. They also give free no deposit bonus to those that enter their credit card details.

After you set up an account, visit the game lobby and see if there are free bingo rooms where you can play for free and win cash. You can also make a deposit using an e-commerce payment system or a preferred online deposit method and after you fund your bingo account pick a bingo game, use the money to buy tickets and cross your fingers. You should also consider claiming a bingo bonus to boost your money balance. There are plenty of them at online bingo rooms.

In most cases, when playing bingo online players use the auto daub function to automatically mark off drawn numbers so they have free hands to play other games such as slots or scratch card and even chat games.

What Bingo Games Can I Play Online?

The following are the most popular bingo games you can play at many online bingo rooms:

  • 90-Ball Bingo
  • 75-Ball Bingo
  • 80-ball Bingo
  • Mini Bingo

90-Ball Bingo

A popular UK bingo variant, the bingo ticket is comprised of 15 numbers distributed over three rows with 5 numbers in each. A ticket often comes in strips of six. No number is repeated and there are 90 numbers in total. Players win payouts if they are the first ones to mark off a line, two lines or a full house.

75-Ball Bingo

The card has 75 balls in total arranged in the following order: numbers 1-15 show up in the B column, numbers 16-30 appear in the I column, number 31-45 fall in the N column, numbers 46-60 show up in the G column and numbers 61-75 go in the O column. Payouts are given to players that are the first to mark off five numbers in a row, column or diagonal.

80-ball Bingo

A new UK version, the bingo cards of this game have 4×4 formats. Ascot picks for saturday. Each row on the card has a various color for numbers 1-20, 21-40, 41-60 and 61-80.

How To Play Bingo Extra Scratch Cards

Mini Bingo

How To Play Bingo Extra Scratch Card Games

A fast paced online bingo game, mini bingo is also known as 30-ball bingo in which the bingo tickets have nine squares in a 3×3 format.

Can I Play Bingo Chat Games Online?

Besides bingo, players can also play various chat games at online bingo sites. These games are played via the chat window within ongoing bingo games. Because drawn numbers are marked off on bingo cards automatically, players are free to play chat games and earn some free cash. If they want to, they may also play side games such as scratch cards.

How To Play Bingo Extra Scratch Cards Against Humanity

Generally speaking, players are allowed to play chat games only if they have made a minimum deposit of $5 or $10 or if they have an active bingo ticket. The types of chat games that can be played are generally categorized into Trivia, Buddies and Numbers. For example, a couple of number-related chat games include Birthday, First Ball Out, Winning Number and so on. To win a payout in Winning Number players must correctly predict the last ball to be called.