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Actual casino slot machines from the world’s leading slot machine manufacturer, IGT. Game Description Enjoy IGT’s newest casino slot machines, including 3- and 5-reel spinners like the ever-popular Candy Bars theme, and Red Hot Respin Double Diamond; plus great 5-reel video machines, such as Mayan Riches, Don Juan, Money Comb, Red Lions, and more! Just as candy wrappers are designed with bold lettering and an array of bright colours to capture your attention, IGT have used the same tricks to lure you in to playing the Candy Bars video slot.

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Candy Bars slot review

Who doesn’t want to sweeten their pot with winnings?

IGT takes advantage of your sweetest gaming desires with their slot machine Candy Bars. This is a fun slot game that will have your reaching for more gummy bears as you spin its candy-strewn reels.

IGT’s Candy Bars slot game offers players 50 paylines, giving them myriad ways to win. Bound to appeal to the Candy Crush set, Candy Bars takes its design cues from the world of the candy shop.

It boasts a medley of sweet treat images like peppermints, gumdrops and chocolate bars.

Compare Game Features – Paylines – RTP

Game specs for IGT Candy Bars slot game
Type of SlotVideo Slot
Min. Bet$1
Max. Bet$2,250
Max. RTP94.89%
Max. JackpotProgressive
FeaturesScatters, Wilds, Multipliers
Mobile PlayYes

What Does Candy Bars Look Like?

Candy Bars features a candy-coated interface that includes five reels. The game is bright, colorful and sure to appeal to the inner candy-lover in us all.

Chocolate and hard candies color the reels while upbeat music accompanies the gameplay. Live22 slot game.

The visuals and music are all cheerful, which adds to its unmistakable fun. Once players get to know what symbols are associated with the best multipliers, it’s an easy game to play — and satisfying to the eyes.

Candy Bars: Core Gameplay

Players launch into Candy Bars by placing their bets. They’ll have to decide what paylines to wager on unless they want to simplify matters and bet them all. After betting, let the spinning begin.

Candy Bars is a free-to-play slot game; however, the real money casino game offers a progressive jackpot and 94.89% RTP.

Players have to fill up any of the displayed canisters to ramp up the reward potential. Some players are actually lucky enough to win more than one progressive jackpot — and that spells SWEET in all caps.

Players who prefer to sit back and munch on their jelly beans can also select the autoplay feature. To disable it once it has begun, just hit stop.

Candy Bars naturally resembles its land-based casino versions with some differences here and there. It comes loaded with some exciting features like its blackout wins. While it doesn’t depart too far from traditional slot games, it offers just enough alternative features to excite players who like something out of the ordinary.

Its symbols include noteworthy candies like a chocolate bar, a gumball, a green gumdrop, peppermint, purple hard candy and candy shapes.

Candy Bars features and bonuses

What Candy Bars lacks in symbol diversity it makes up for in its special features.

First, players should note the wild which is represented by a gumball symbol. The symbols are associated with different paylines, but the wild can step in to help complete winning lines.

Some exciting bonuses:

  • Spin three green gumdrops or three peppermints and win 5x your coin value.
  • Spin four of the same and earn 10x your coin value.
  • Spin four red candies and earn 100x your coin value.

Candy Bars offers three types of progressive jackpots: the snack size, the king size and the ultra-yummy giant size. For players to reap the sweetness of any of these, they must fill a whole reel with chocolate bar symbols.

Blackout Wins offers that extra-something special that players love. It’s like the peanut butter hidden inside the chocolate, the bubblegum inside the lollipop. This feature happens when players fill the reels with one symbol. At that point, the wins get multiplied and players have the potential to earn 5,000 to 25,000x their coin value.

Final thoughts

Candy Bars offers the chance for sweet rewards for gamers. It’s not difficult to play; although, some players might find it inconvenient to manage the paylines. Otherwise, it’s a straightforward slot game complemented by some enjoyable features like its Blackout Wins.

While there isn’t a whole lot of variation to the action, it’s enjoyable nonetheless in its simple design.

Fans of candy-themed games or food-inspired games are likely to delight in this fun offering from IGT.

How do I install IGT Slots Candy Bars?

Insert the disk in the drive and close the
door. On a Windows computer, normally that will open a window labeled
'Autoplay'. Then you click on 'Run Setup.exe'
If that window does not open, click on the Start button and then click on Computer (or My Computer)
Right click on the IGT Slots Candy Bars icon and left click on Open
Right click on the Setup file and left click on 'Run as Administrator'

Insert the disk in the drive and close the door an icon will appear on your desktop labeled 'IGT Slots Candy Bars'.
Open that icon and you will see an icon labeled 'IGT Slots Candy Bars.app'
Drag that to the applications folder and let go

Why when installing on a Mac with OS 10.6, does the installation fail?

A 'patch' tool produced by Apple solves this problem. Download and install this file:

Igt Slots Candy Bars

How do I start the IGT Slots Candy Bars game?


Double click on the IGT Slots Candy Bars icon on your desktop


Open the Macintosh HD icon on your desktop
Open the Applications folder and then double click on the icon labeled 'IGT Slots Candy Bars.app'

How do I tell if I have the latest version of the program installed?

Start up the program and click on the Game Help button. That is the version you have installed.
If you have the 1.0.0 version installed, at this time that is the latest version.

How do I add more money to the game?
When you start up the program, you will stop at the sign in screen. Under the card in the center of the screen it will say 'Freeplay Mode' or 'Career Mode'. If you are playing career mode, you can't add money. Create a new card and play with that name.
If you are playing Freeplay mode, you can add money. Go to any slot machine. In the upper right corner of the screen is a $. To the left of that $ is your bankroll (if you don't see it, click on the $). Click on the number and a black square will appear with these sections: Coins In, Denomination, Cash, and Bankroll
If you click between the $ and the first number of the bankroll, a bar will appear flashing on and off. Using the delete key on your keyboard, remove the numbers you don't want and then type in the numbers you do want. You can change the Coins in section the same way. If you are unable to get the numbers you want, lower the denomination.

Why has the program reset my bankroll to 500 Million?

The problem is that there is an upper limit on the bankroll. When the numbers reach that limit, they roll over and start again at 1. To allow you to play without losing all of your bankroll, we reset you to a half billion.
One suggestion is to press the reset button and start over at $25,000. Whenever you look at the bankroll, just add one
billion to that number.
Why, after I download and install the game and I start the game, do I get a screen with just the Candy Bars box and no buttons?

The quickest solution would be to upgrade to Internet Explorer 8, which is the latest version available for Windows XP.

However, XP Service Pack 2 is required for IE7+, so if you are on XP SP1 you will need to update your OS.

The SP2 installer is available as a standalone download and can be installed on both XP and SP1:


Igt Slots Candy Bars Download

There’s also a nice visual guide here if you need help finding which OS version you are using:


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