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Vasyl Lomachenko will officially fight Teofimo Lopez in Las Vegas on October 17th. With a win, Vasyl will earn the IBF lightweight title. Odds on Lomachenko vs. Lopez are now being offered online! Many fans and analysts around the world believe that Vasyl Lomachenko. Lomachenko, 32, is at +200 to win by knockout and even money for a distance-lasting victory. Odds list Lopez at +500 to win on a stoppage and +800 by decision. Speed has champ wary of Lopez “He has. The boxing odds for Lomachenko vs Lopez have been released by the big bookmakers and so we can start to analyse where the best of the value lies. In those Vasyl Lomachenko vs Teofimo Lopez Fight Odds, the bookies make the Ukrainian their favourite to win, while Lopez is a dangerous underdog.

Breaking Down the New Odds on Lomachenko vs. Lopez

  • Vasyl Lomachenko will officially fight Teofimo Lopez in Las Vegas on October 17th.
  • With a win, Vasyl will earn the IBF lightweight title.
  • Odds on Lomachenko vs. Lopez are now being offered online!

Many fans and analysts around the world believe that Vasyl Lomachenko is the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world right now. He’s 14-1 in his career and holds several major world titles. It’s now been confirmed that “Loma” will be taking on Teofimo Lopez later this year. Odds on Lomachenko vs. Lopez are now being offered online!

This is one of the biggest fights of 2020. Many fans feel that Lopez will be one of the toughest tests of Lomachenko’s career. Today, we’re going to break down the odds for each of these talented boxers to win.

Let’s get into it!

Vasyl Lomachenko Hasn’t Competed in More Than a Year

The sport of boxing seems to be in a new golden age. There are superstars across many different divisions including lightweight, welterweight, middleweight, and heavyweight. Some huge matchups are expected to take place over the next few months.

Fans have been eagerly waiting to see Vasyl Lomachenko fight again. He’s now 14-1 in his professional career and holds the WBA, WBO, The Ring, and WBC lightweight belts. Aside from a disputed loss back in 2014, he’s looked almost untouchable inside the ring.

It’s not much of a surprise. Lomachenko went 396-1 before turning professional, likely the best amateur record in the history of boxing. He’s transitioned perfectly into the big leagues and has used his footwork, speed, and power to become the best pound-for-pound fighter in the sport.

Unfortunately, we haven’t seen “Loma” compete since August of 2019. That month, he defeated Luke Campell via unanimous decision. Fans have been debating who the talented Ukrainian should face next.

It now appears we have an answer. Vasyl has been rumored to take on Teofimo Lopez for months, yet contract issues seemed to be delaying the bout from coming together. News is now out that Lomachenko will take on Lopez on October 17th. Teofimo is just 23 years old, yet he’s extremely skilled and should present some interesting challenges for Vasyl.

Odds are now being offered on this exciting matchup.

Check Out These Odds on Lomachenko vs. Lopez!

Boxing events are now taking place on almost a regular basis. In some ways, this sport has benefited from the regulations around the world. It doesn’t suffer greatly without a crowd in attendance and new fans are tuning into fights on a regular basis.

With the fight now formally announced, odds on Lomachenko vs. Lopez are now starting to be offered online. Our team recommends checking out the odds from Bovada. This is one of the best online sportsbooks in the US and offers safe payment options and great odds for all major boxing events.

Some are surprised that the odds for this fight are as close as they currently stand. As we said earlier, Lomachenko is considered by many to be the best boxer alive right now. Despite that, he’s just a -360 favorite heading into this matchup with Lopez.

Teofimo Lopez is 15-0 as a professional with wins over the likes of Richard Commey, Edis Tatli, and Diego Magdaleno. He now holds the IBF lightweight title and has the power to catch Vasyl. Bovada listed Lopez as the +270 underdog in this matchup, though.

Many are excited to see how this fight will play out. Vasyl will undoubtedly look to use his footwork to catch Lopez with power shots on the inside. Lopez will likely be looking for big shots from distance.

This blockbuster fight is just over a month away. Stay tuned for a more in-depth betting breakdown sometime over the next couple of weeks!

Could We See Davis vs. Lomachenko in 2021?

Hardcore fans are happy to see that Vasyl Lomachenko is taking on Teofimo Lopez next month. It may prove to be one of “Loma’s” more competitive bouts in recent memory. Of course, many still feel that he should be taking on Gervonta Davis.

Davis is one of the most exciting fighters currently at lightweight. He’s now 23-0 in his career with 22 of his wins coming via knockout. On October 24th, Gervonta will be taking on Leo Santa Cruz.

Most predict that Davis will get the win here. The oddsmakers agree, listing Gervonta as the -365 favorite heading into this match. Leo Santa Cruz is considerably more experienced than “Tank,” yet he comes into this fight as the +275.

As you can see, the odds for this fight are similar to the odds on Lomachenko vs. Lopez. If both Davis and Vasyl win their upcoming bouts, it seems likely that they will face each other. That would be one of the biggest lightweight fights of the past decade.

It will be interesting to see how Lomachenko performs without a crowd. If Lopez wins, it will be a monumental upset. Make sure to stay tuned for more updates on this match as it gets closer.

Are you excited to see Lomachenko and Lopez compete? Who do you think wins and how? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  • Lomachenko vs Lopez odds: Loma will have edge


Teofimo Lopez captured the IBF Lightweight title in stunning fashion last night with his 2nd Round dismantling of Richard Commey.
Many of us were expecting a narrow UD for either fighter but Teofimo showed why he's the 'Takeover.'

Lopez' win over Commey was a game changer; it was the type of bout that catapults careers. It was the type of bout that generates fans. It was a fight viewers won't forget.

As a result of last night's heroics, look for Lomachenko vs Lopez to happen in April or May.

'We're looking for April,' promoter Bob Arum told FightHype last night.

Lomachenko Vs Lopez Odds

After Teofimo's brilliant performance last night, there's no denying him.

Bob Arum, in an interview with FightHype last night, summed it up:

'Loma's gonna be in there with this beast [Lopez].. I mean, to do that to Commey.. A real seasoned lightweight.. And it was a 50/50 fight.'

Arum on Lopez' desire to face Lomachenko:
'What are you crazy? I couldn't stop him [Lopez].'

'If I said 'no Lopez, take it easy (don't fight Loma yet).. I mean sh*t they'd be at my house. They'd be calling me at all hours.'

Loma vs Lopez is on!

More on the Lomachenko vs Lopez odds..

Initial betting lines feature the Ring/WBA/WBO Lightweight champion Vasyl Lomachenkoas a 4 to 1 (-400) betting favorite, while the newly crowned IBF 135 pound titlist, Teofimo Lopez, is currently sitting as a very live almost 3 to 1 (+275) betting underdog.
Bettors are taking into consideration Loma's awesome amateur pedigree and edge in overall experience and level of competition.
Yes, both fighters have had only 15 professional bouts but Loma has faced the likes of Orlando Salido, Luke Campbell, Gary Russell, Jr, Nicholas Waters, Guillermo Rigondeaux and Jorge Linares, and has become world champion in three separate weight divisions.
On Lopez' resume, we see Commey, Diego Magdaleno and Mason Menard. Quality fighters but that list is timid compared to Loma's rundown of most significant fights.

House of fun slot app. Arum hinted he'd like to bring Loma vs Lopez to back Madison Square Garden in New York. Should that happen, oddsmakers will likely give Lopez a small tick up for fighting at home but it won't be enough to make the odds even.

Those who favor Lopez
Lopez' advocates will insist Teofimo's range and reach advantage in combination with his speed and athleticism will be too much for Loma. And they'll point to Loma's most recent bout against Luke Campbell to substantiate their claim. Vasyl Lomachenko won that bout impressively but was far from dominant and ate some hard leather.

Lomachenko Vs Lopez Date

Choosing Loma
Those who'll favor Lomachenko think the Ukrainian's superior footwork and odd angles will make it next to impossible for Lopez to sit on his shots and land the same flush punches he unleashed on Commey. Loma's supporters will also point to his pedigree and insist there's no style he hasn't already seen before and can adjust to.

Please share your take. Who should the Lomachenko vs Loma odds favor, by how much and why?

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Teofimo Lopez Vs Lomachenko


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Odd angles? That's a haters way of putting it. How about remarkable angles. A slightly more praising adjective. As much as you praise Teo. Slightly leading with the odds or close to even odds? Again a haters way of putting it. The last I checked it was at least 4 to 1.
According to Betfair, via boxing writer and betting pundit Tom Craze, Lomachenko has opened as a -400 favorite (bet $400 to win $100) while Lopez is +275 (win $275 on a $100 wager). Those odds aren't exactly a surprise.
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Vasily Lomenchecko Next Fight 2020

January 09, 2020

Lopez Lomachenko Odds


Not a hater at all. In fact, Loma is one of my favorite fighters.
I find it difficult, if not impossible, for any true follower of boxing to not be impressed with Loma's freakishly-good footwork and overall movement.
I said 'odd angles' because his style is so unique. In 30 years of following boxing (and fighting as an amateur myself), I've never seen anyone move like that.
He's not traditional and that's a good thing :) How does an opponent prepare for someone like that? He's so skilled, he can get away with moving in ways that most of us would consider 'odd.'
He's probably the best fighter in the world today and possibly one of the best ever.

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