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2020-21 NBA Preseason Predictions & Projected Standings. The NBA preseason projections in this post were pulled on Wednesday, December 16, 2020. Note that even before the season starts, the numbers in this post may differ slightly from the projections shown on our NBA projected standings page. To read NBA odds, you need to know what a betting line is. An NBA betting line is a figure set by oddsmakers that try to offer reasonable odds for both sides of the outcome of an NBA game. The three main betting lines oddsmakers set for every game are for a point spread, a total, and the moneyline. Compare NBA odds & betting lines Mar 08 to find the best Basketball moneyline, spread, and Over/Under totals odds from online sportsbooks. NBA page help: Odds Portal lists all upcoming NBA basketball matches played in USA. 'B's' column indicates number of bookmakers offering NBA betting odds on a specific basketball match. Columns 1, X and 2 serve for average/biggest NBA betting odds offered on home team to win, draw and away team to win the NBA match. Finally a site that offers live NBA basketball odds from a gang of sportsbooks that are all worth while quality shops. That is the first email we received from a recent visitor during the NBA finals after he viewed the up to date point spreads.

SuperBook opens 2020-21 NBA Win Totals

The 2020-21 NBA regular season is expected to start on Tuesday Dec. 22 and this year's campaign will be a 72-game schedule, opposed to 82 games.

The Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook took notice of the news and opened their NBA Win Totals betting market for all 30 teams in the league.

2020-21 NBA Contenders

  • Milwaukee Bucks 49.5
  • Los Angeles Lakers 46.5
  • Boston Celtics 45.5
  • Los Angeles Clippers 45.5

Of the above four teams, the Los Angeles Lakers were the only one to participate in last year's NBA Finals as they defeated the Miami Heat at the NBA Bubble from Orlando, Florida.

2020-21 NBA Pretenders

  • Detroit Pistons 23.5
  • Oklahoma City Thunder 22.5
  • New York Knicks 22.5
  • Cleveland Cavaliers 22.5

Going .500 in this year's regular season would translate to a 36-36 record and the clubs listed above aren't expected to get nowhwere near that record. Coincidentally, all four of these teams are from the Eastern Conference.

Eastern Conference - 2020-21 Win Totals Odds

Listed below are teams from the Eastern Conference and how the oddsmakers project they'll do based on wins for 2020-21 NBA regular season.

The top eight teams in each conference will make the postseason.

  1. Milwaukee Bucks 49.5
  2. Boston Celtics 45.5
  3. Brooklyn Nets 45.5
  4. Philadelphia 76ers 45.5
  5. Miami Heat 44.5
  6. Toronto Raptors 41.5
  7. Indiana Pacers 39.5
  8. Atlanta Hawks 36.5
  9. Washington Wizards 32.5
  10. Orlando Magic 31.5
  11. Chicago Bulls 30.5
  12. Charlotte Hornets 25.5
  13. Detroit Pistons 23.5
  14. New York Knicks 22.5
  15. Cleveland Cavaliers 22.5

The oddsmakers at the SuperBook believe that only seven teams in the Eastern Conference will finish the 2020-21 NBA regular season above .500 (36-36).

Looking at the projections, seven teams appear to be locks to gain a playoff spot while four others (Wizards, Magic, Bulls) will fight for the eighth and final spot.

And then there are the Pretenders listed above.

Western Conference - 2020-21 Win Totals Odds

Listed below are teams from the Western Conference and how the oddsmakers project they'll do based on wins for 2020-21 NBA regular season.

The top eight teams in each conference will make the postseason.

  1. Los Angeles Lakers 46.5
  2. Los Angeles Clippers 45.5
  3. Denver Nuggets 44.5
  4. Dallas Mavericks 42.5
  5. Utah Jazz 42.5
  6. Portland Trail Blazers 41.5
  7. Phoenix Suns 38.5
  8. Golden State Warriors 36.5
  9. New Orleans Pelicans 36.5
  10. Houston Rockets 34.5
  11. Memphis Grizzlies 30.5
  12. San Antonio Spurs 29.5
  13. Sacramento Kings 27.5
  14. Minnesota Timberwolves 28.5
  15. Oklahoma City Thunder 22.5

Of the three divisions in the Western Conference, the Pacific Division is expected to be the most competitive in the NBA 2020-21 regular season. The Lakers (46.5) and Clippers (45.5) are expected to surpass 40 wins. The Warriors were dealt a serious blow in November as star shooter Klay Thompson was lost for the season with an Achilles' tendon tear as their win total dropped to 36.5. The Suns (38.5) have been given a tad more respect after their recent effort in the NBA Bubble last summer and the acquisition of veteran guard Chris Paul.

Seven of the 15 teams in the West are expected to finish better than .500 by the oddsmakers.

How do I read the over/under line?

For example, the Milwaukee Bucks' win total for 2020-21 season is 49.5. If you believe the Bucks will finish 49-23 or worse, taking the 'under' is the play. For 'over' bettors, the Bucks would have to finish with 50-plus wins to cash tickets.

NBA Win Totals are available for all 30 teams in the league and placing 'over/under' wagers on their season production in the regular season is a great way to follow a team all season.

For the 2020-21 regular season, all teams must play 72 regular season games for the NBA Win Total wagers to be considered live wagers or what's known in the industry as 'Action.' The NBA Win Totals Odds set do not include postseason games.

Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus pandemic, bettors with active Win Total wagers could see their bets refunded since the regular season may not return or be reduced. At the same time, losing wagers will also be refunded.

2020-21 NBA Win Totals Odds

Listed below are the 2020-21 NBA Win Totals Odds in both Ascending and Alphabetical order.

2020-21 NBA Win Totals (Ascending Order)
Milwaukee Bucks49.5
Los Angeles Lakers46.5
Boston Celtics45.5
Los Angeles Clippers46.5
Brooklyn Nets 45.5
Denver Nuggets 44.5
Miami Heat44.5
Philadelphia 76ers 44.5
Dallas Mavericks42.5
Toronto Raptors41.5
Utah Jazz42.5
Portland Trail Blazers 41.5
Indiana Pacers 39.5
Phoenix Suns38.5
Atlanta Hawks 36.5
Golden State Warriors 36.5
New Orleans Pelicans 36.5
Houston Rockets 34.5
Orlando Magic31.5
Memphis Grizzlies30.5
Chicago Bulls30.5
Washington Wizards32.5
Sacramento Kings27.5
San Antonio Spurs29.5
Minnesota Timberwolves28.5
Charlotte Hornets 25.5
Detroit Pistons 23.5
Oklahoma City Thunder 22.5
Cleveland Cavaliers22.5
New York Knicks22.5

2020-21 NBA Win Totals (Alphabetical Order)
Atlanta Hawks36.5
Boston Celtics45.5
Brooklyn Nets45.5
Charlotte Hornets25.5
Chicago Bulls30.5
Cleveland Cavaliers22.5
Dallas Mavericks42.5
Denver Nuggets44.5
Detroit Pistons23.5
Golden State Warriors36.5
Houston Rockets34.5
Indiana Pacers39.5
Los Angeles Clippers45.5
Los Angeles Lakers46.5
Memphis Grizzlies30.5
Miami Heat44.5
Milwaukee Bucks49.5
Minnesota Timberwolves28.5
New Orleans Pelicans36.5
New York Knicks22.5
Oklahoma City Thunder22.5
Orlando Magic31.5
Philadelphia 76ers45.5
Phoenix Suns38.5
Portland Trail Blazers41.5
Sacramento Kings27.5
San Antonio Spurs29.5
Toronto Raptors41.5
Utah Jazz42.5
Washington Wizards32.5

SuperBook NBA Win Totals Rules

  • Teams Must Play at least 69 and no more than 72 regular season games for action
  • Forfeitures are deemed a non-played game
  • Wagers do not include any Play-In Tournament or Postseason Games

Nba Preseason Odds By Year

Nba preseason odds and predictions

2020-21 NBA Most Regaular-Season Wins Odds

Listed below are the 2020-21 NBA Win Totals Odds.

2020-21 NBA Most Wins Odds
Milwaukee Bucks+300
Los Angeles Lakers+450
Brooklyn Nets+550
Los Angeles Clippers+550
Boston Celtics +1000
Miami Heat +1000
Denver Nuggets+1000
Philadelphia 76ers +1000
Toronto Raptors+2000
Dallas Mavericks+2500
Utah Jazz+2500
Portland Trail Blazers +5000
Indiana Pacers +8000
Phoenix Suns+10000
Atlanta Hawks +25000
Golden State Warriors +25000
New Orleans Pelicans +25000
Houston Rockets +50000
Orlando Magic+100000
Memphis Grizzlies+100000
Washington Wizards+100000
Chicago Bulls+150000
Minnesota Timberwolves+150000
San Antonio Spurs+150000
Sacramento Kings+200000
Charlotte Hornets +200000
Detroit Pistons +200000
Oklahoma City Thunder +200000
Cleveland Cavaliers+200000
New York Knicks+200000

2020-21 NBA Most Regaular-Season Losses Odds

Nba Preseason Odds And Predictions

Listed below are the 2020-21 NBA Loss Totals Odds. Gambling cities in mississippi.

2020-21 NBA Most Loss Odds
Cleveland Cavaliers+325
New York Knicks+325
Detroit Pistons+400
Oklahoma City Thunder+400
Charlotte Hornets+900
Sacramento Kings+1000
Chicago Bulls+1800
Minnesota Timberwolves+1800
San Antonio Spurs +1800
Orlando Magic+5000
Washington Wizards+5000
Memphis Grizzlies+5000
Houston Rockets+15000
Atlanta Hawks+25000
Golden State Warriors+25000
New Orlean Pelicans+25000
Phoenix Suns +50000
Indiana Pacers+50000
Portland Trail Blazers+100000
Toronto Raptors+150000
Dallas Mavericks+150000
Utah Jazz+150000
Boston Celtics+200000
Miami Heat+200000
Philadelphia 76ers+200000
Denver Nuggets +200000
Brooklyn Nets+200000
Los Angeles Clippers+200000
Los Angeles Lakers+200000
Milwaukee Bucks+200000

Odds Subject to Change - Updated Tue., Dec. 22, 2020

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