Roulette Counting System

Roulette Betting Software

This is our latest Roulette Betting Software Pred 10 that connects to the casinos algorithm and calculates the 3 numbers to bet next. We have tested it on many online casinos and on different platforms.

Blackjack Counting System Chart

Compatible with: Windows, Mac and Smartphones

How it works

  • Protect phones, tablets on the wall with the function of the roulette - Security systems, people counting system, electronic price tag.
  • Roulette Number is a winning roulette system. It is great to have positive feedback from customers' experience with Roulette Number.
  • Improved Roulette Strategy with Two Dimension Bet Counting System. Clustered 2-Dimension Roulette Strategy - Easy Win Roulette System.
  • Online Roulette Software detects & connects to the database of the casino and reads the futures numbers. We reproduce the reactions of the algorithm used by an online casino to simulate the random.

Hi everyone, second video on Roulette System - Street Counting Software - Now with fixed betting pattern and signal changed to 20 instead of 16.

Blackjack Counting Systems

Enter 5 last winning numbers into software and as a result the software calculates next numbers to bet.

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Roulette Counting System

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