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NBA Playoff Predictor (NBA Season Picker) lets you pick every game of the NBA Season via a season Schedule. Playoff Predictors. The best NBA picks and predictions for Mar 08, 2021. Get our best basketball bets for today as well as news, scores, odds, consensus, and more! Find the top 2020-2021 NBA Matchups betting previews & odds for opening game odds, closing lines, betting trends, ATS results and more for pro basketball.

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NBA Draft Simulator

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RealGM's Draft Simulator allows you to combine the uniqueness of the NBA's lottery to determine the Draft order with the excitement of re-shaping each NBA team by creating your very own mock draft. Just like with RealGM's Trade Checker, when you're done you will be able to share the final product with friends so they can see how you think Draft Night will end up.

Don't have time to sit there and go through all sixty selections? Don't worry, RealGM gives you the option of mocking only the lottery selections, the first round, or if you really know you're stuff, the full NBA Draft. Choose between lottery mode, order based on team record, or a completely custom order to give your mock draft that unique feeling.