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If you are looking for a way to transfer money from PayPal to Skrill or Skrill to Paypal, then stop scrolling and read this.

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Transfer money from paytm and other wallet to skrill, neteller, paypal. Debit card to skrill transfer. Its so simple and easy. Buy a Paysafecard from a local shop and use it to add money to your Skrill wallet. No bank account or credit card information is required. Find out more about additional deposit. Sadly, there is no immediate and genuine method for sending cash from Skrill to Paypal. For such exchanges to be conceivable, both parties must form a partnership agreement. Until at that point, there are still some ways that you can use to move your assets from Skrill to Paypal. Still, there are some ways you may use to exchange. As Skrill is leading payment network and it's bit difficult to exchange funds from online payment processors to Skrill but PayGlobel made it easy now you can exchange your PayPal funds to Skrill securely. To exchange you have to add money in your account trough PayPal and after click on send money option and select Skrill option after enter the Skrill address and amount and submit your request, the Skrill will be credit immediately to your address.

So, is it possible to transfer PayPal money to a Skrill account?

Skrill Paypal Deposit Login

Yes, It's possible. But it works differently.

Don't worry! Keep reading.

So, before we learn the method to transfer money from PayPal to Skrill or Skrill to PayPal, let's have a short introduction of the 2 payment giants.

What is Paypal and how does it work?

If you ever purchase anything online, you must be heard of PayPal. If there is only one online payment method that would be PayPal.

Yes, PayPal is one of the largest payment systems in the world, founded in 1998.

For sending a client payment, purchasing something from online, paying bills, sending money to friends and family- everywhere is PayPal.

PayPal is a powerful and secure payment service. It's like your online bank.

Is PayPal Safe?

As I mentioned above, Paypal is a powerful online payment system that is used by millions of people all over the world.

Paypal invests a huge amount of money in their security system. So, you shouldn't worry about Paypal's security.

Rather you have to be careful about keeping your account safe from phishing attacks and other hacking attacks.

What is Skrill?

Skrill is another popular payment system in the world. It's founded in 2001.

Skrill works the same way as PayPal works.

Create an account using your legal documents and verify it.

Skrill is a fast way to transfer money online, pay bills, send money to friends, deposit money on gaming sites, etc.

Is Skrill Safe?

Yes, Skrill is one of the trusted payment systems in the world.

Like Paypal, Skrill invests a huge amount of money in security. You don't need to worry about Skrill's security.

However, let's start our main discussion on how to transfer funds from PayPal to Skrill.

Today, I'm gonna show you 2 different methods to transfer money from a Paypal account to a Skrill account.

Method 1: Paypal to Skrill Money Transfer

As I said earlier, you can not directly send money to Skrill from your Paypal account. But don't panic.

You can send Paypal dollars to your skrill account by your Skrill master card. Surprised, huh!?

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Follow these steps:

  • Simply go to your PayPal account and add your Skrill pre-paid master card in your Paypal account.
  • Now, Withdraw the amount that you need to transfer in your Skrill account to the added Skrill pre-paid card.
  • That's all. You can use your skrill master card to add funds to your skrill account.

This is not a traditional method. Using this method, you can send money from PayPal to Skrill.

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Method 2: Transfer PayPal to Skrill Using Exchange Site

There are many dollar exchange website on the internet which offer transfer money from Paypal to Skrill, Skrill to PayPal, PayPal to Payoneer, and more!


But, are they trusted?

This is one of the most asked questions on the internet.

You won't want to lose your money by putting the money in a scam exchange site.

But some legit money exchange sites allow several payment systems like Fundsround, Best exchange, etc.

But there are cons like you have to pay an extra exchange fee, time-consuming, etc.

However, I recommend you to use the first method to send money from Paypal to Skrill. Also, you can move money from Skrill to Paypal using the second method.


There are many reasons for sending your money from Paypal to Skrill. I hope this article can be a help for you.

If you have any questions regarding this, please leave a comment.

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Skrill Paypal Deposit Account

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