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Imagine a smoke-filled shady shop hidden in the alley. A local high-street bookmaker is seated on the bench in the corner with his shoddy notebook and a pen. A person walks up to him, enquires about the odds, and strikes a bet on the Premier League game tonight. The player then takes a stroll back home.

That’s how the betting took place before the arrival of the internet. There was only a fixed window of time when the bookie was available to write down the bets in their books and deal with bettors. So the sports gambling industry couldn’t help but embrace the utilities of technology.

At Becomethebookie, we have the latest and most technologically advanced bookie software available which most of the big online books also use. With our software, your players can bet on sports, horses and even play casino games found in Las Vegas all online or via our toll free number. Sports bookie software development Users of online cricket game, can invite their friends to take part in the game and avail special offers and they can be logged in through their Facebook account. They can compete with the best betters around the world. You as the bookie can earn profits when your users bet through your software platform. Sportsbook software has created a way for you to manage your business like a pro. Managing a sportsbook can be a deterring ordeal, particularly if you don’t have the means to do it smoothly. If you don’t run things well, you’ll lose customers and even your sportsbook. Bookie Software. Whatever your clients are asking for, The Best Pay Per Head can provide. We’re constantly pushing the industry standard when it comes to our advancements in bookie software, offering a massive wagering menu – from the biggest games in the world of sports, to the most prestigious horse races and hottest casino games.


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The bookmakers, or the bookies, and the players, or bettors, as they are both known colloquially, now visit websites on the internet that let them organize their gambling efforts. These sites with cloud-based software provide convenience to the players to place bets whenever they want. It saves time for bookmakers who were used to writing down bets in their notebooks and carrying around documents in their basement offices.

Later the bookies log in to their accounts and check who owes them and who they owe money to. And hey, there’s no submission of the credit card numbers, or sending money offshore — no handling of the betting money by the website at all.


Sports Bookie Software

The software provider company might even offer 24-hour customer support so that the bookie doesn’t even have to answer phone calls and deal with the bettors. The bettors are also pleased because they can wager without stepping out of their homes.

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In exchange for civilizing and systematizing their business, the bookies need to pay a small fee per client to the companies that operate these websites (called pay-per-head sites). 53 250 bonus card.