Stag Bureau

Stag bureau in dark wood - good condition. Matching dresser and dining table with 4 chairs also available. Diana Rigg was already well known as Emma Peel, the iconic kick-ass star of sixties hit TV series The Avengers, when she made these two short Super-8 films The Diadem (1966) and Mini-Killers (1969). The Avengers was one of that decade’s most successful TV series, so why Rigg should have agreed to appear in these rather bizarre home-movies, I have no idea, but perhaps as Steven Puchalski.

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2 days ago

Stag minstrel dressing table - desk/blue or grey

Choice of 2 stag minstrel desk or dressing table brought back to new with rust oleum furniture paint and laquer

Stage Beauty

4 days ago

Stag minstrel bureau

No lock & has been replaced with a knob & scruffy writing mat Collection or free local delivery
11 days ago

Desk from stag minstrel dressing table

Stag minstrel furniture could be desk or dressing table brought back to life with rust - oleum furniture paint and laquer great condition great look great price
12 days ago

Stag minstrel desk / dressing table

Stag minstrel dressing table/ desk brought back to life with rust-oleum furniture paint and laquer great look great condition great price
5 days ago

Desk or dressing table

Stag minstrel dressing table or desk brought back to life with rust - oleum furniture paint and laquer gret condition great look great price priced to sell..
9 days ago

Stag minstrel mirror

Will require bracket attaching to hold mirror in place ( bracket available ) Collection only
10 days ago

Stag minstrel display cabinet

A stag minstrel display cabinet with 2 glass shelves in great condition. Ideal for displaying collections .
30 days ago

Stag minstrel Cheval mirror

Free standing stag minstrel mirror Mahogany wood Tiny bit of tarnishing on mirror as shown In the picture Very sturdy
30+ days ago

Stag minstrel coffee table

This is a dark oak solid wood coffee table. It is in good condition. Buyer collects dimensions length 48' width 24' height 20'
16 days ago

Wooden frame stag minstrel mirror

Size 62 CMS X 54 CMS. Solid hardwood frame. Stag minstrel. Some foxing to glass.
30+ days ago

Stag furniture

Console/hallway table. Genuine stag furniture, excellent quality and condition. Stag furniture . Posted by Scott in home & garden, other household goods in..
3 days ago

Stag minstrel triple mirror. Excellent condition

Triple Stag dressing table mirror. In excellent condition. Base 50cm x 16cm when closed. Overall height 60cm
30+ days ago

Vintage Stag Minstrel swivel vanity mirror

Vintage Stag vanity mirror from their popular Minstrel range in good condition
6 days ago

Extremely good stag minstrel tallboy 7 drawer chest of drawers mahogan

Stag minstrel tallboy 7 drawer chest of drawers well view.Extremly brilliantly condition.Can delivery locally

Stage Beauty Free

22 days agoStag Bureau

Stag minstrel mahogany five drawer lockable bureau/desk( good condition)

Stag minstrel mahogany five drawer lockable bureau/desk( good condition) stag minstrel mahogany five drawer lockable bureau/desk( good condition). Posted by..
7 days ago

Stag mirror

Cash and cards accepted. We can also take payment over the phone and you can use are PayPal service items are at CT furniture Peterlee, howletch retail park,..
18 days ago

Stag canvas

Stag painting canvas stag canvas . Posted by Nathan in dining, living room furniture, paintings & pictures in Sutton. 21 February 2021
20 days ago

Next stag lamp

Next gold stag lamp with beige/gold lamp shade next stag lamp. Posted by Debbie in nursery & children's furniture, lamps, lights & shades in Larkhall. 19..
30+ days ago

Stag sideboard

Cash and cards accepted. We can also take payment over the phone items are at CT furniture Peterlee, howletch retail park, Peterlee, Co Durham. Sr8 2bl. Reg..
13 days ago

Stag console

This StagWelcome bonus xe88. Console has been refurbished and retains its original hardware. The main body and drawers have been painted with Farrow and Ball Off Black and the top..
11 days ago

Vintage stag teak bedside table retro mid century teak furniture

A stylish bedside table by stag furniture, mid 1960's. Height 70cm width 44cm depth 44cm condition good free delivery in London
30+ days ago

Stag Furniture Original Brass Button Mushrooms Shaped Handle

Three stag furniture original brass button mushroom handles . Size diameter 20 mm X 2m height.
16 days ago

DVD/CD unit by stag

Beautiful Stag Unit with hinged opening for further storage. Excellent Condition. Lovely piece of furniture. Contents not included.
14 days ago

Stag floor standing mirror

Collection from: CT furniture 6 Heaton terrace Byker Newcastle upon Tye ne6 1jr items can be delivered locally. Please telephone the site on the contact number..

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