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Sun International casinos offer coinless slots gaming by means of smart card technology. A smart card is a plastic card containing an electronic chip which stores specific information.

Sun City is a 3-reelonline slot game with instant play, autoplay, video slots, mobile gaming, hi-tech, sci-fi, science, machinery, culture and internet culture themes you can play at 6 online casinos. Play Slots - Online Casino Games. In accordance with the new taxation rules, which came into impact on January 1, 2018, on-line casinos with “B2C - Type 1 Gaming Services” license (slots, board games, dwell games) pay annual taxes of 1.25% if their revenue doesn't exceed €3.000.000, 1% for a revenue of up to €4.500.000, 0.85% for a revenue of up to €5.000.000, 0.70% for a profit of.

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These handy cards eliminate the need to carry heaps of notes and piles of coins around making them safe, clean and secure. Browse through the card options below and find out how to enjoy smart card gaming with us at Sun International casinos.

MVG Smart Card

Sun City Casino Slots Players Club

  • A personalised card that is issued free to all guests who sign up to the Sun MVG Loyalty Programme Play is recorded and MVG points are awarded when playing on the slot machines and tables.
  • Play is recorded and MVG points are awarded when playing on the slot machines and tables.
  • The MVG card can be used at all South African Sun International casinos, both for earning and redeeming MVG points.
  • A Personal Identification Number (PIN) should be placed on your MVG smart card to further protect any cash redemption and all MVG transactions.
  • Most Valued Guests are encouraged to use their MVG card at all times to ensure that they receive the benefits, offers and rewards afforded to them.

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Although the name implies that this is a slots casino, MegaSlot Sun City Slot offers a wider variety of Sun City Slot online casino games. See full list on We will cover the game variety of the website in this Mega Slot casino overview. The biggest gambling product featured on this platform is slot machines. Gold City Casino Online. Casinos Card Playing Rooms. Online Casino - Casino Real Money Virgin Online Casino. Means for 'small wheel' if translated from French. The gamers have got a alternative both to position their bets on a quantity, or a range of numbers, or pink or black, additionally it is possible to bet on whether the quantity is odd or even.