The Final Countdown Slot

The Countdown in The Final Countdown slot will get you 8 free spins. With the Female Astronaut Wild in the spot light, it can grow to a 4×4 size with x256 multiplier. The Final Countdown is a really good slot. Despite its somewhat shaky choice of source material it manages to spin a good yarn out it. We like the high volatility and the return to player is within acceptable bounds.

The Final Countdown name brings to most of us a well-known melody and the very same Europe band’s hit song which brings us to this Big Time Gaming slot of the same name. The song itself has been around for decades, but BTG made a good bet when it decided to immortalize it on the online casino game reels in 2019.

Although the name of the game might suggest that its theme is primarily based on that hit song, this is not the case. The song can only be seen in the sound world of the game, while the game follows a futuristic space theme. However, the superbly executed graphics and the pulsating sound world create a whole piece that we think is quite functional. In the background of the game screen lies the sunlit city and on the edge of the screen stands a space rocket that is ready to be ejected into space at any moment.

The Final Countdown slot is definitely the best in its special features, which add plenty of excitement to the game moments. The game sees both cloned reels, cloned wilds, and free spins, offering as many as two different types of the bonuses: the Countdown and Heading for Venus. The game’s biggest winnings lie in its Free Spins, which allow the player to win back a bet as much as 888x total bet on a single spin. So, let the countdown to astronomical sums begin!

The Final Countdown Slot RTP and Volatility

This is a very high volatility game with a return rate (RTP) of 96.56% or 96.65%, depending on which free spins function you choose to use. So you don’t get wins with a constant heart rate, but when you hit one, you’ll probably be happy to have been so patient. Especially during Bonus features, there are really tasty profits that can bring your bet back up to 36,000 times!

The Final Countdown and BTG’s Similar Hit Slots

Big Time Gaming is one of the most interesting game makers of the moment, which has brought a few dozen high-quality slot games to the market to date. You may not recognize the name of the game developer yet, but you’ve most likely seen or even played corporate slots. Some of their popular titles include Bonanza Megaways slots as well as Lil Devil slot and Danger High Voltage slots which are also titles with the hit rock songs used as soundtrack so if you are a rock music fan or a fan of exciting and lucrative slots with great bonus rounds, then head to these slots and try them out for free.

The company, which maintains its headquarters in Australia, is influenced by a group of experts with decades of expertise in the gaming industry, and this is admittedly reflected in the company’s production, which is often fast-paced and cheerfully colourful. Even though the production does not quite reach the level of market giants such as NetEnt slots and Microgaming, Big Time Gaming already has many big online casinos and will bring even greater success to the gaming company in the near future.

The Final Countdown Slot Game Play

The Final Countdown slot consists of six reels, each with four symbols. There are a whopping 4,096 pay lines in the game. As this is a high-volatility slot, the game’s wagering possibilities are somewhat disappointing. You can start the reels with a bet of €0.20, but the maximum bet only goes up to a measly €20. So the Final Countdown is clearly not designed with high rollers in mind.

The Final Countdown Theme and Graphics

Although the theme of the Final Countdown slot is an 80s retro hit, the game’s layout and atmosphere are otherwise surprisingly futuristic. In the background of the game reels is the silhouette of the big city and the beautiful sky dyed orange by the sunset. On the left side of the game screen is a space rocket, ready to crash far into space. However, the game does not allow you to adventure in space, but focuses on the exciting atmosphere leading up to the launch. The space theme is also repeated in the bonus game, where you can follow the astronauts ‘ actions.

As the name of the game already reveals, The Final Countdown slot as the soundtrack uses a hit song produced by the Europe band in the 1980s. The song reached huge worldwide popularity at the time and can still be heard on the radio and at good retro parties today.

The Final Countdown Symbols – What’s There on the Reels?

The basic symbols of the game consist of jewels of different colours and the number and letter symbols familiar from the traditional deck of cards: 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A. The best valued are the purple gemstone, which can pay the player back up to 25 times. The purple gem is significantly more valuable than the green, blue, and red gem on the reels, which give the player his contribution back up to 2.5 times.

As we are used to seeing, the smallest gains in the game come from the number and letter symbols. However, it is worth bearing in mind that the best odds of winning this game are not in its basic symbols, but in the special symbols we will present next.

Special Symbols: Wilds and Scatters

The Final Countdown slot game features as many as two wild symbols, featuring female and male astronauts, who are tasked with leading the player towards astronomical victories. In the basic game, Wilds can appear as an individual or as part of cloned reels. Both Wilds also have their own role in free spins bonuses. The game also has a scatter symbol that can appear on cloned reels and behaves in the same way as any of the basic symbols. When successful in getting at least three scatters on the reels simultaneously, the player activates the free spins of the game.

The Final Countdown Slot and Its Special Features

The Final Countdown slot offers a number of exciting special features that offer a really good chance of big wins. The bonus features included in the slot are cloned wilds and scatters, cloned reels, and as many as two different free spins rounds: the Countdown free spins and the Heading for Venus free spins round. Free spins are an excellent way to get access to numerous consecutive wins, so it’s definitely worth hunting for them.

Cloned Reels Feature and Cloning Wilds and Scatters

The cloned reels function is repeated in each spin of the game. As the player turns the reels on, 2-4 symbols become identical to each other. This, of course, means the player has a chance of really nice wins, as identical reels give a much higher probability of winning combinations. The game’s wilds and scatters can also clone either horizontally or vertically, depending on how many reels in that round multiply.

The Countdown – Free Spins Feature

Majestic slots casino no deposit bonus codes bonus. The free spins feature starts when the player manages to get at least three scatter symbols on the reels simultaneously. When the bonus feature starts, the player has to choose whether he or she would prefer to start the Countdown or Heading for Venus.

In the Countdown Free Spins round, the player is rewarded with eight free spins, during which he can follow the countdown of the space rocket, which launches the Roaming Wild function. During that function, one wild symbol will wander along the rollers and increase in size with each subsequent re-spin and you want that wild to become as big as possible.

If the player decides to select the Heading for Venus round when the free spins are activated, he or she will receive 15 free spins, during which the symbols will clone for each free round and the wild symbol can grow as many as 888 times. This means, at best, really massive profits!

Is the Final Countdown Slot Machine – Summary

The Final Countdown Europe

The final Countdown slot game boasts exciting features and special symbols that guarantee an entertaining and profitable moment to play. So if you love Bonus rounds, the Final Countdown will definitely get your head around. Numerous special functions add excitement to the game and keep the player in touch for hours. One of the best aspects of the slot is that you can catch up to 36,000 times of your original bet! Best of all, while you wait for the win, you can enjoy Europe’s most memorable hit song of the 1980s!

Don’t wait any longer, but go on a trip to the stars in Big Time Gaming’s entertaining game The Final Countdown and win big!

Are you ready to set off into space? The last preparations have been made, and the crew is aboard the ship. All that is left is The Final Countdown! This 2019 Big Time Gaming slot takes heavy inspiration from Europe’s hit rock song with the same name. The familiar guitar riff will even play each time you spin the reels! Venture into this gorgeous game and experience the music in the way you never have before. With reels, special features and big wins waiting on Venus!


We were impressed from the moment we first launched this release. The developers waste no time in offering up something gorgeous to dazzle players with. A large rocket is visible next to the reels at all times. The outside border of the playing field has been made to look like a loading bay, with the logo visible above the reels. Stage lights on the top corners of the reels add a bit of flair to the whole thing, as does the futuristic city in the background. Our favourite is definitely the floor. Designed as a grid of light beams, slowly moving towards you to give the illusion of movement. All of these elements look wonderful alone. Put them together, and you are in for a jaw dropping visual treat! Let’s check the game in more depth in this new Labslots review!

Short Summary

Final Countdown Full Movie Youtube

  • RTP: 96,65%
  • Betting Range: £0.20 – £20.00
  • Max Win: £720,000.00
  • Similar Slots: Lil’ Devil, Wolf Gold, Divine Showdown

The Final Countdown Movie

How it Works

You play The Final Countdown on a six-reel board with 4096 ways to win. As there are no individual paylines, you cannot turn them on or off to adjust your total bet. The only way to do that is to change your stake directly. Wins are granted if you have at least three matching symbols in adjacent positions. If all winning combinations start with the leftmost reel, then you will be able to receive a cash prize. The control panel is designed elegantly, and does not take up a lot of space. Using it, you can set up Auto Play, change your total bet and spin the reels. You can also open the options menu, where you can look at the paytable and the help section. Players can wager between £0.20 and £20.00 on each spin.

It's The Final Countdown Song

Icon designs are a mixture of crystal gems and playing card royals. Both share a simple but colourful look that blends in wonderfully with the rest of the slot. Sadly, no extra decorations that make them stand out exist. Unless you look hard at the gems, which have a stronger glow the more valuable they are. The purple gem is the highest paying symbol. The two human icons serve as triggers for special features, so keep a close eye for their presence!

The Final Countdown Bonus Rounds

The Final Countdown Slot Rtp

Each spin has a chance of randomly activating the Reel Clone bonus. Up to four of the middle reels can be highlighted to take part in this special feature. All highlighted reels will synchronize; meaning all of them will display the same symbols. If a Wild lands on any of these cloned reels, it will expand in size and multiplier value. Two, three or four cloned Wilds will result in a 4x, 27x or 256x multiplier, respectively.

The Final Countdown Slots

Collect three or more Scatters to win the free spins round. You can choose one of two bonuses to play through.

  • Countdown: You get eight free spins and a roaming 2×2 multiplier Wild. The Wild moves across the reels with each spin, increasing your odds of winning. Each time a Scatter lands, it reduces the countdown. If the countdown reaches zero, the special feature is retriggered. The roaming Wild starts with a 4x multiplier. Each time the bonus activates again, it increases in size and multiplier value. After two retriggers, it reaches its maximum size: a 4×4 Wild with a 256x multiplier.
  • Heading for Venus: Fifteen free spins are awarded. During this special feature, a Reel Clone occurs on every spin. A new Velocity Wild is added, which grows in size and multiplier value with each Reel Clone. Unlike the previous Wild, how much it grows is random. However, it can also reach a higher multiplier value, worth 888x. You can reactivate the bonus by collecting three or more Scatters.


It is not very often that we get to play around with a slot game that looks and plays this good! You can see that Big Time Gaming put a lot of effort into The Final Countdown. The variety in special features, and a chance to win a 36,000x jackpot just seal the deal for us! If you ever have the opportunity, we definitely recommend trying this fantastic release out. Check out one of our endorsed slot sites to find out the best online casinos to try this game at!