Understanding The Over Under Bet

The total bet is also called an over/under wager in online sportsbooks. Rather than betting on one team to win, totals have you predict whether the game’s combined score will be over or under a given amount of points. The over/under in an NBA game might be 185.5. Article: How To Read College Football Betting Odds - How To Read NFL Betting Odds. Understanding The Moneyline Odds In The NBA. Los Angeles Lakers +200; Miami Heat -200; Here in this moneyline example for the NBA, the Lakers are matching up with the Heat. Miami has been set in the role of the betting favorite, going off at -200 on the betting line. The over/under total for a game is one of the staples over the game lines installed for every matchup. Bettors will have numerous chances to bet on the game total before the game, but even after game gets underway there will be other chances as well.

Hockey is the fastest and coolest game on earth. It is a fact, the game is honestly played on a cold sheet of ice at a tremendous speed, which it boosts up the game in such a passionate and competitive battle between two opponents that it is artistic. What better way to take advantage of this fact but to wager on it. Hockey over/under betting, also known as the “Totals”, is a great way to take advantage and enjoy the game of hockey in a much grandeur sense.

Instead of predicting and putting a wager on the exact number of goals scored by each team in a given matchup, hockey over/unders rely on the combined totals of both team’s score – the estimate of the totals to be more precise.

You predict whether the final total between both teams in the game will be over or under the total estimated score that the online hockey bet site puts up on their end.

Example of an Over/Under Bet:
Vancouver Canucks (+120)
Montreal Canadiens (-110)
Over/Under at: +/-5.5

Jumba bet free spins. If you remember our hockey money line betting description, then you will have no issues following this example; basically, you need to bet $110 at the Montreal Canadiens to win $100 since they are the favorite, and you will only need to bet $100 to win $120 with the Vancouver Canucks, as they are the underdogs – less likely to win the match.

Understanding The Over Under Bet

That taken care of, as you can see from the above example, the over/under at the online sportsbook is set to 5.5; meaning that to win an over bet you will need the total accumulative score for the match to be 6 or more goals. If you bet on the under, then the total accumulative score must be 5 or less.

Understanding Over And Under Betting

The .5 in the over/under example above is simply set to avoid any “push” in your bets, and for the online sportsbook having to return the money wagered to the bettors – in other words, the bookmaker always wants action on the bets, and so the .5 will make sure this happens (for the most part; they cannot obviously control cancellation of the games, within other factors of sports betting).

Hockey Over/Under Betting Tips

There are many ways for you to go ahead and do some pre-game research on the games scheduled. First off, we encourage you to check out our recommended list of sportsbooks before selecting a bet, as you will be able to see the different odds being offered for the same bet.

Understanding The Over Under Bet

A few other hockey over/under betting tips that we would advise you to follow are to watch team performances with a close eye and take note of league and individual team high scorers (MVP players), as these players will influence the game greatly. Also on the opposite side take note on the goaltenders playing in the game, if they have been on a hot streak; sometimes, regardless of how bad the team is playing, if the goaltender is hot, and making great saves, that will be a major key factor for their team’s success, when they eventually score of course. Pay attention to crucial player absences as well, and by crucial I mean the higher the caliber of talent missing on the ice or bench, the less chances of the predicted game to be high scoring.