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And we enlist expert Political Pundits to preview every big election so that our Australian and New Zealand customers can get an edge on the market. 2020 Election Odds & Preview. A US Presidential Election is truly like no other, effectively lasting two years. Although the primaries do not start until February 2020, would-be candidates are. 2021 Australian Cup Preview; Daily Racing Tips. We’re almost 100 days out from the US Presidential election (104 to be exact) and it’s fair to say we are in uncharted waters. The presumptive Democratic nominee’s odds for winning the presidential election are now shorter than Trump’s odds.

The prospect of taking on a fatally wounded Trump for the presidency will tempt anyone with ambition. In an extremely open heat, for which could at least 20 names are plausible, here’s my current top-ten.

  1. US Election Tips. The most popular political prediction website in the US is FiveThirtyEight. They have a Model, that’s updated daily, which gives Joe Biden an 89% chance of winning the Election. That converts to odds of $1.12. Our favourite resource has been the host of articles we’ve read from full time political gambler, Paul Krishnamurty.
  2. Latest federal election betting odds see Labor hopes of a red wave across WA fade By Jacob Kagi Posted Thu Thursday 16 May May 2019 at 9:19pm Thu Thursday 16 May May 2019 at 9:19pm, updated Fri.
  3. US politics betting for all American markets. Get 2020 Election odds, including Democrat and Republican candidates, plus midterm specials and much more.

Beto O’Rourke

Many argue that the Democrat list lacks a standout candidate – a star. O’Rourke would perfectly fit that void. He combines Barack Obama’s politics and inspiring rhetoric with Bernie Sanders’ ability to attract huge crowds, and Bobby Kennedy’s looks. If anyone can drive turnout for the left – which may prove decisive in 2020 – it is Beto.

We don’t know whether he’ll run, but he will certainly be pressured to do so by the army of nationwide supporters built during a gallant campaign for Texas. Despite refusing corporate ‘PAC’ money in favour of small donors – a salient issue on the Left – he raised more than any Senatorial candidate in history. He drew enormous crowds everywhere and his narrow defeat read very well compared to other Democrat Senate contenders in pro-Trump states. The wider electorate is much more fertile.

I first tipped O’Rourke for president at 50.0 months ago and went in again at 17.0 after the mid-terms. That defeat leaves him free to run if and constant speculation is guaranteed. Hypothetical match-up polls will soon emerge and drive the narrative. I predict they’ll show O’Rourke beating Trump by double-digits.

Democrat Nominee odds:
2020 Presidential odds:

Kamala Harris

Harris is top-rated in the betting and her chance is obvious. The party is becoming ever more diverse from top to bottom and there’s a very strong grassroots drive to pick female leaders. Critically, she is a Senator for California – whose primary will play a pivotal role from an earlier position on the schedule.

Given a high-profile role in the Senate, she won’t lack publicity. She’s very much on the front line in the bitter row over immigration and investigating Trump. However she is only one of several high-ranking women in contention and it isn’t clear yet that Harris has what it takes to stand out in a presidential primary.

Democrat Nominee odds:
2020 Presidential odds:

Sherrod Brown

Brown’s Senate defence in Ohio reads as good as any mid-term result. He won by 6.4% – up on 2012 despite the state moving notably away from the Democrats during that period. On the same night, they failed to win the Governorship. If flipping this state in a general election, the presidency would be assured.

Amid much excitement online, Brown has confirmed he’s seriously considering a run. He is firmly on the left of the party, closely allied to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, but backed Clinton and was apparently on her VP shortlist. A national stage is a big step up for this Ohio veteran but he’s well-placed to be the standard bearer for progressives and his white working-class support should terrify Trump.

Democrat Nominee odds:
2020 Presidential odds:

Kirsten Gillibrand

A high-profile experienced Senator from New York who has been among the most vocal MeToo campaigners. A strong resume on paper but Gillibrand alienated key supporters by criticising Bill Clinton and Al Franken over sexual abuse. Nevertheless everything about her behaviour points towards a run and perhaps those controversies will now work to her advantage.

Democrat Nominee odds:
2020 Presidential odds:

Amy Klobuchar

Another mid-terms star, Klobuchar retained her Minnesota Senate seat by 24%, thriving among all-important suburban women following a strong performance during the Kavanaugh hearings. Her profile is rising fast and she’s openly considering a run. Her state neighbours Iowa and her relatively moderate centrist style would be ideal to win Independents against Trump.

Democrat Nominee odds:
2020 Presidential odds:

Joe Biden

Don’t overstate Biden’s early poll lead. At this stage, the former VP enjoys a vast name recognition advantage and he is hugely popular. He’s also 76 and in a party where old, white men are out of fashion. I don’t expect ‘Uncle Joe’ to run but do expect he’ll enjoy teasing the media. If I’m wrong, though, he would destroy Trump.

Democrat Nominee odds:
2020 Presidential odds:

Elizabeth Warren

Warren’s low position may surprise. She is a darling of the Left and, with hindsight, should have taken on Clinton in 2016. However I’ve never been certain she had presidential ambitions and it feels increasingly like her chance has faded. She fares worse than rivals in head-to-head polls versus Trump and self-harmed when taking a DNA test to prove distant Native American heritage. I think she’ll hand Brown a massive endorsement.

Democrat Nominee odds:
2020 Presidential odds:

Bernie Sanders

Will Bernie try again? Like Warren, his decisions are keenly awaited. Now 77, Sanders remains the leader of a growing progressive movement and attracts huge crowds, but his preferred candidates didn’t fare so well in the mid-terms. I can envisage him winning primaries against this crowded field with a 35% vote share. I can equally see him backing Sherrod Brown – who has wider appeal and a less defined image.

Democrat Nominee odds:
2020 Presidential odds:

Michael Bloomberg

Here’s a wild-card. Formerly Republican Mayor of New York, Bloomberg has switched sides. Cash won’t be a problem for this self-financing billionaire, who would surely relish comparing his philanthropic record with Trump. Whilst his politics are probably not left enough for a Democrat primary, he oozes gravitas and could have a moderating impact in debates. Primary turnout will be huge, involving many independents, amongst whom he could play extremely well.

2020 Presidential odds:

Michael Avenatti

After 2016, we dismiss unconventional social media masters at our peril. Representing porn star Stormy Daniels may not be an obvious route to the presidency, but Avenatti became an overnight star, positioned as a ‘fighter for good’, leading The Resistance. In taking down Michael Cohen, he landed a blow on Trump that no politician has yet mustered. He seems near certain to run and, as Trump’s legal travails continue, will remain all over the media.

Democrat Nominee odds:
2020 Presidential odds:


Don’t believe the hype. Hillary Clinton won’t run and if she did, humiliating defeat awaits. Time has moved on. Cory Booker has been touring the key states and will likely run. The moves of Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper imply the same.

As Governor of Montana, Steve Bullock is another who has proved he can win in a Trump state. Finally former Attorney General Eric Holder seems to be dipping his toe in the water and could gain establishment backing from both Obama and Clinton supporters.


No Democratic Nominee can match Beto O’Rourke for star power and momentum. I’ve backed him several times and will continue doing so. However, his value has diminished significantly.

The remaining stand out bet is Sherrod Brown. I’m anticipating big support from Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, and am backing the Ohio Senator at big odds. He’s $30+ to just be nominated, where I mark him in single digits.


BACK Beto O’Rourke for the US Presidency at $9 or above

BACK Sherrod Brown for the Democratic Nominee at $20 or above
BACK Sherrod Brown for the US Presidency at $34 or above

Donald Trump has declared himself the winner of the 2020 presidential election and called for "all voting to stop" in remarks delivered live from the White House on ..

Donald Trump has declared himself the winner of the 2020 presidential election and called for "all voting to stop" in remarks delivered live from the White House on election night.

The betting agencies are providing huge clues about the election result. Picture: Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images/AFPSource:AFP

A bookmaker has declared a Joe Biden victory, already paying out on bets for him to become the next US President.

Sportsbet tweeted the announcement just after 11am Australian time, even though the election is yet to be officially called by anyone.

The betting agency has paid out $23 million on election bets, but says it is still taking bets on who will win the presidential race.

The betting site had Biden at $1.10 and Trump at $6.50 but odds has been shifting dramatically over the past 48 hours.

Just yesterday afternoon, there was a huge swing to Trump, whose odds plummeted to a narrow $1.22.

But this morning, things wildy swung back in favour of Biden as the race narrows in key battleground states.

This is how Australian bookies were tracking this morning. Basically, it means for every $1 you put on that candidate, you would get the below in return if they win.


• Biden: $1.14

• Trump: $5.50

• Biden: $1.11

• Trump: $5.80

• Biden: $1.11

• Trump: $9.40

• Biden: $1.10

• Trump: $6.50

• Biden: $1.10

• Trump: $6.00

Scroll below to see how they compared to last night.

Joe Biden is firming up in betting odds to become the next president as polls close in the US election. Picture: Jim Watson/AFPSource:AFP

In 2016, Trump was $2.35 before markets closed ahead of the election.

Biden’s highest price was $26 in February this year.

The US election has been so popular for TAB that it will hold more money for the historical event than the AFL or NRL Grand Finals and it’s the same situation for Sportsbet.


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Over in the UK, a British businessman is so confident Trump will win that he has placed a record breaking bet on the president staying in the White House.

The mystery former banker used private bookies registered in the Caribbean to place a bet of $5 million ($A6.97m), with odds of 37/20, on Trump’s win, according to The Sun.

If he is successful, the businessman could be taking home almost $15 million ($A20.9m).

A betting industry source told the publication the bet was believed to be “the biggest ever made on politics”.

While most indicators predict a Biden victory, if 2016 taught us anything, it’s that there’s no such thing as a shoo-in.

There has been a huge rush in bets on the US election, providing some major clues about what to expect from one of the most crucial votes in recent history when it comes to the polls – and the betting agencies.


On election eve in the US, there had been a flurry of last-minute polling, with the Des Moines Register poll showing Trump beating Biden 48 per cent to 41 in Iowa – a massive swing from its previous survey, which had the race tied.

A poll of New Mexico from The Albuquerque Journal, which showed Mr Biden winning 54-42, was in line with the conventional wisdom that New Mexico was a little too Democrat-leaning these days to be considered a proper swing state.

Us Election Odds Australia

The latest batch of New York Times/Siena polls covered four different states. Those polls showed Biden up 49-43 in Arizona, 52-41 in Wisconsin, 47-44 in Florida and 49-43 in Pennsylvania.

An EPIC-MRA poll of Michigan had the Democrat leading 48-41. Another, conducted by St Pete, showed him winning Florida by a razor-thin 49-48 margin. And finally, a pair of ABC News/Washington Post surveys had Biden up 51-44 in Pennsylvania, but Trump winning Florida 50-48.

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The odds are in Joe Biden’s favour. Picture: Drew Angerer/Getty Images/AFPSource:AFP

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Democratic hopeful Joe Biden has been the clear favourite across the major betting sites in the lead-up to the election.

But as the vote continued into the night, odds switched back in favour of Donald Trump.

Many believe betting odds offer a more accurate election prediction than polls, as people have invested their own hard-earned cash in the outcome.

These were the odds according to some of the major betting agencies, as of November 4 at 6.30pm, so you can see how much they’ve shifted.

• Biden: $3.20

• Trump: $1.34

• Biden: $3.20

• Trump: $1.34

• Biden: $1.45

• Trump: $3

• Biden: $2.88

• Trump: $1.36

• Biden: $3.10

• Trump: $1.33


A record number of bets have already been placed on the US election – but one cocky TAB punter shocked betting pros by laying down $130,000 on a Biden win.

The unnamed gambler bet the staggering pile of cash at odds of $1.57 this week.

Other big recent bets include $100,000 at $1.56 on Joe Biden and $40,000 at $2.50 on Donald Trump.


All eyes are on the big one – whether it will be Joe Biden or Donald Trump in the White House for the next four years.

But there are also a string of other bets on the table, including the number of electoral college votes each candidate will receive, who will win the popular vote, the state electoral college winner, the state margin, seat margin, US Senate winner and many more.

For example, Trump is paying $4.50 to win the popular vote compared to Biden’s $1.18 (the candidate to get the most votes across America).

In 2016, Ms Clinton won the popular vote but still lost the election.

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Will US President Donald Trump manage to pull off another miracle? Picture: Brendan Smialowski/AFPSource:AFP

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When Donald Trump took on Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, it wasn’t just the pollsters that got the outcome disastrously wrong – the betting sites also incorrectly predicted a Clinton victory.

In fact, Irish bookmaker Paddy Power failed so spectacularly it ended up with a £4 million ($A7,399,793) bill after prematurely paying out £800,000 ($A1,479,958) to those who had backed Clinton ahead of Trump’s shock win.

According to OddsShark, Trump’s odds to win the 2016 election were close to 5-to-1 on election day eve and over at TAB, Trump was $2.35 before markets closed ahead of the 2016 election.


Us Election Odds Australia Today

Betting on political elections is very much illegal in all 50 states in the US.

Us Election Odds Australia 2020

However, the same rules don’t apply in other countries, which means betting agencies based in Australia, the UK and other nations are open for business, with most companies allowing punters to place a bet online.

Georgia Election Odds

According to Fortune, gambling insiders are expecting the previous record set in 2016 to be broken again this year, with some bookies expecting the election to be even bigger than the Super Bowl where betting in concerned.